World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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New Appointments for 2012

Regional Women’s Coordinator

Gifliyani Krisna NayoanMs. Gifliyani Krisna Nayoan, known as Nina, is from Indonesia and belong to Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa (GMIM). She studied theology in Indonesian Christian University in Tomohon. Nina brings with her rich experience working with young women in the SCMs & WSCF work at the local, regional and global level. She has served SCM/WSCF and Church in various capacities. Nina was working as the programme officer at YTBI from 2010-2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia prior to taking this position in WSCF AP. She was also an intern of FIM (Frontier Internship in Mission) in Timor Leste from 2006-2009, the WSCF Executive Committee member from 2004-2008, She says, her ecumenical perspective have been shaped mostly through her involvement and participation in GMKI (SCM Indonesia) leadership, WSCF Asia-Pacific leadership and programs, and being an intern of FIM (Frontier Internship in Mission) in Timor Leste. Her passion on women empowerment has been influenced much by feminist critical analysis she learnt through women’s programs of WSCF, Asian Women Resource Center (AWRC) as well as interaction with contextual realities where she lives.

Regional Coordinator for EASYNet

Kasta DipMr. Kasta Dip is appointed as the new Regional Coordinator of the Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Network (EASYNet). Kasta is from Bolangir district in the western part of Orissa, India and belongs to the Church of North India. He has been involved with EASYNet since 2003 during his internship with Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and later on through his Church. Prior to this, Kasta has served as the Coordinator for South Asia Christian Youth Network and Youth Director and Program Coordinator for a department called Justice, Peace & Reconciliation (Dalit & Tribal Concerns) with the Church of North India Synod. He is committed to building justice and peace as a mission to translate the vision into a reality through EASYNet, as he reaffirms that young people can make a difference in establishing a Just Peace world.