World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
Who We Are

The New Standing Committee and
Regional Women’s Committee
of WSCF Asia-Pacific, 2004-2006

WSCF AP welcomes its new Standing Committee and Regional Women’s Committee which will be holding office from 2004-2006. Since its election in August, the new Committees have been actively involved in the regional work, contributing to all the SCMs in Asia-Pacific. We look forward to the new team-work and Welcome Onboard! Here is a short profile of the new Standing Committee:


The New Standing Committee

Roger Gaikwad (chairperson)

I was first initiated into SCM at the age of 10 when my brother took him to attend an SCM programme! From then on, my commitment to SCM remains till today. Currently, I am currently serving as a director for the Theological Education by Extension of the Senate of Serampore College, Kolkata, and am also the current chairperson of SCM India and together with the SCMI, I am actively involved in issues such as poverty, suffering of the Dalits, the exploitation of women, the deterioration of the environment, the challenges of globalisation, and problems of the youth in India. It is a great learning experience being with youth and working with the youthful programme staff of the SCM all these years.

Tamara Bernard (vice-chairperson)

I am a banker by profession and am presently studying nature conservation and analog forestry. I have been actively involved in SCM Sri Lanka since 1986 and have contributed in the capacities of an ExCo member, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairperson of the SCM. I also give my time as a resource person in the activities and programmes of SCM SL whenever it is needed. Currently I am the Senior Friends’ representative to the ExCo of SCM SL.

Michael Perkins (exco member)

I am a senior friend of SCM Aotearoa-New Zealand. At university I studied gender studies, education and literature. I live in the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, with my partner another SCMA Senior Friend Sylvia Edge, and am currently working at the New Zealand Ministry of Education as a policy analyst.

I joined SCMA in 1997 and my first WSCF programme was the 13th Regional Committee Meeting in the Philippines in 1999. Between 1999 and 2001, I was the National Secretary of SCMA and helped organise the 2002 Women Doing Theology in Christchurch, New Zealand. My vision for SCM is “that membership is a nourishing and formative time that embeds in us lasting beliefs, dispositions to just work and open-mindedness. Our success is measured by whether our people never stop working for positive change throughout their lives.”

Chang Hsun-Yi (member-at-large)

In 2000, I participated in the Taiwan SCM National Bible Study Camp and this camp brought me closer to bible studying and social concerns in our society. In Taiwan nowadays, not many students are keen to join SCM. When our senior friends were students, they made quite a lot of efforts at it. For example, they gathered and protested against many social injustices around and based their understanding of faith to that of the struggles of those who are oppressed and marginalised. But the current generation was raised in an extremely well-to-do environment, so it is difficult to share with them the idea of SCM. It is important that we offer more opportunities to them to understand the spirit of SCM, or at least motivate them to get a glimpse of it. In my vision, the SCM would involve more in social concerns, and attend to the environment, the world, and the earth. People on the planet are all connected to one another, and our major concern should not only be ourselves. God commends us to love one another. I believe our Creator would smile on us when we keep on walking in this direction.

Nina Nayoan (exco member)

I joined the Student Christian Movement in my local branch of SCM in Tomohon in 1996 when I studied theology in the Indonesian Christian University in Tomohon. In 1999 and 2001 respectively, I attended the Women Doing Theology workshop and the School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation that opened my eyes to new dimensions on women’s issues and ecumenism. I really want to see SCM to continuously in being a kind of space and platform for student or young people to learn by experiencing realities that happen around us so that we are able to respond to these realities based on our Christian faith.

John Probhudan (member-at-large)

I got involved with SCM Bangladesh in 1993 in a small southwestern city of Bangladesh called Jessore. Ever since then, SCM has been an inspiration base for me and opened my eyes towards a more intelligent way of looking at our faith that inspires me to be passionate about the ecumenical movement. Being a part of the standing committee of WSCF AP region is a great opportunity to stay involved with SCM/WSCF. It brings me great delight and joy as I look forward to many amazing and blessed days of our march in the ecumenical movement and our journey for justice and peace together.


The New Regional Women’s Committee

A student of Accountancy and currently the vice-chairperson of SCM Sri Lanka

A student of Psychology and currently the Liaison Officer of SCM Philippines

A student of Politics and currently the Women’s Officer of Australia SCM

Graduated from Theology and currently the General Secretary of Indonesian SCM
(invitee from Standing Committee)

Currently a student of Theology in a seminary in Taichung
(invitee from Standing Committee)