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Thanks Iris Li & Necta Montes


A dinner gathering to farewell Necta and welcome Yock Leng in Hong Kong

A dinner gathering to farewell Necta and welcome Yock Leng in Hong Kong.

By the end of March 2001 Ms. Iris Li is leaving the Regional office in order to have another career. She has been with the WSCF AP office for nearly 12 years. She joined as a young staff for WSCF in 1989 and worked with four regional secretaries, Tingjin, Wai Ching, Daniel and Shin. Iris is a hardworking, dedicated and committed person. It was truly a blessing and a pleasure to have her as our support staff for such a long period of time.

One of the most significant contributions she made in her long years of service to the Federation (other than her usual tasks) was her strength in providing continuity to the changing leaderships in the regional office. She linked the past and the present, offering her skills and advice on matters that were handled by previous Regional Secretaries.

Thank you Iris, from the bottom of our hearts, to your contribution, dedication and commitment to the life and work of the Federation. The WSCF AP will forever be grateful for your time and talent shared with all of us. God Blessings be with you always!

By the end of April, Ms. Necta Montes’ contract as the Regional Women’s Coordinator will also end. She has been with the regional office for more than 5 years since 1996, and will be moving on to further her studies.

Throughout these years in WSCF AP, Necta has never failed to meet up with all the demands expected in a Women’s Coordinator. As a Women’s Coordinator, she was conscientious in her work and her perspectives on women’s issues were always filled with insight, helping all participants to the Regional Women’s Programs to gain fuller understanding of women’s issues, needs and obstacles. As a person, Necta is always full of patience and ever willing to listen attentively to students’ queries and needs, offering useful advice when needed or just a warm comforting smile.

The work and energy of Necta has indeed helped built the strength and knowledge on women’s issues in the SCMs, and this is very invaluable for WSCF AP. We will miss Necta and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Welcome Wong Yock Leng

A dinner gathering to farewell Necta and welcome Yock Leng in Hong Kong

Yock Leng, our new
Regional Women’s

Yock Leng, a senior friend and National Coordinator of SCM Singapore was the unanimous choice of the Search Committee as the new women’s coordinator succeeding Necta Montes. She majored in Social Work and Political Science at the National University of Singapore as a student where she first got into contact with SCM Singapore.

Since 1998, she has been the lone staff worker in SCM Singapore and within these years, she has been able to participate in the WSCF RCM, Women’s Program, and helped co-host the WSCF SET Program last year. Her previous involvement with several Non Government Organizations includes Committee for Asian Women, ZiTeng, and the Asian Migrant Center, mainly working on women and migrant workers’ issues. Yock Leng who has also worked as a social worker with the Tsao Foundation in Singapore before becoming the staff in SCM Singapore, proved to have the adequate background where she acquired various skills necessary to do WSCF work.