World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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What is the WSCF?

The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF or Federation) is a worldwide ecumenical fellowship of Christian movements and student associations as well as other members of the academic community.

Created in 1895 by a group of student leaders, it is historically the first international student organization. It seeks to provide a worldwide ecumenical forum for students across boundaries of culture, race and religion.

Its aims may be summed up by the words of Ahn Jae-Woong, a former Regional Secretary of the WSCF AP:

To train and nurture members to become “academically advanced as students, theologically equipped as Christians, and ecumenically oriented as church-related persons.” To fulfill this, the WSCF AP carries out a wide range of programmes based on assessed needs of member movements and the current social realities.

The local unit of the WSCF is the Student Christian Movement or SCM. Its primary constituency includes students in the university and tertiary institutions, senior friends, members of the academic community, staff and other persons involved in churches and ecumenical work.

Every branch of the SCM relates to the national movement in each country.

WSCF AP, a Region of the Federation

The World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF AP) is one of the six regional groupings which came about when the WSCF Assembly in 1968 decided to regionalize. The call for regionalization was felt more strongly as the WSCF considered the need to work more closely with local student and grass-root movements and to identify strongly with the actual needs and specific contexts of the national movements.

Aside from the WSCF AP Region, the other regions in the Federation are: Africa,
, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America. The Inter-regional office (IRO) of the Federation is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Committees and Staff

The WSCF AP carries out its work in the region through a number of committees and staff. The major committees are: (1) Asia-Pacific Committee or Regional Committee, which determines the program priorities of the region; (2) Regional Standing Committee which reviews the progress and facilitates the implementation of decisions made by the Regional Committee; and (3) Regional Women’s Committee which is responsible in drawing up specific plans, review and execute the women’s programmes for the new quadrennium.

The full-time staff are the Regional Secretary, Regional Women’s Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. Other support staff may be occasional project (part-time) staff, interns and volunteers.

However, the day-to-day work of the WSCF AP is concretely done with and among the national Student Christian Movements in the different countries of Asia and the Pacific.

Member Movements of WSCF AP

These are presently the Student Christian Movements within the region:

    1. Aotearoa/New Zealand: Student Christian Movement Aotearoa
    2. Australia: Australian Student Christian Movement
    3. Bangladesh: Bangladesh Student Christian Movement
    4. Cambodia: Cambodia Student Christian Movement
    5. Fiji: Fiji Student Christian Movement
    6. Hong Kong: Hong Kong SCM
    7. India: Student Christian Movement India
    8. Indonesia: Indonesia Student Christian Movement
      Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)
    9. Japan: Japan Student YMCA
    10. Korea: Korea Student Christian Federation
    11. Malaysia: Malaysia Student Christian Movement
    12. Myanmar: Myanmar Student Christian Movement
    13. Nepal: Nepal Student Christian Movement
    14. Pakistan: Student Christian Movement of Pakistan
    15. Papua New Guinea: Papua New Guinea Student Christian Movement
    16. Philippines: Student Christian Movement of the Philippines
    17. Singapore: Student Christian Movement Singapore
    18. Sri Lanka: Student Christian Movement Sri Lanka
    19. Taiwan: Taiwan Student Christian Movement
    20. Thailand: Thailand Student Christian Movement
    21. Timor Leste: Movimento Estudante Cristao Timor Leste


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