World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Here are some suggestions on how to support the building up of the ecumenical movement through the World Student Christian Federation.

Prayer support

Friends of WSCF can offer support by regularly praying for WSCF and SCMs and for the building up and strengthening of WSCF’s ecumenical student ministry around the world. The following is a prayer for WSCF and SCMs from the federation’s 1962 prayer book, Venite Adoremus II:

We pray for thy blessing, good Lord, upon the work of Christian movements of students and teachers in the colleges and universities of this land, that they may witness to thy Kingdom and be faithful to the Gospel. May the World Student Christian Federation, the Student Christian Movement in all lands and all student Christian communities be used by thee to advance knowledge and human welfare, to work for the unity and renewal of thy holy church and to be the messengers of peace and healing in a world of strife.

The following prayer of thanksgiving for WSCF and SCMs is adapted from the Venite Adoremus II prayer no. 240:

O Saviour Jesus Christ, who on the night before your passion, prayed that all may be made one, we praise and thank you for the witness of the World Student Christian Federation; for its achievements in drawing together students of all nations in tolerance and understanding; for its care for the wholeness of humankind; for its role in the increasing manifestation of the unity of the church; for the wisdom of its leaders and the generosity of its friends. We praise you for the new opportunities you continue to reveal to us in this generation; for the possibilities which challenge our obedience and test our faith. By your Holy Spirit guide and empower the SCMs in their work amongst students, universities and in their world. May the Student Christian Movements be vigilant in their witness to your love and in their drawing near to your Kingdom. Amen.

Support: Universal Day of Prayer for Students

The WSCF Universal Day of Prayer for Students has been observed by SCMs and supporters around the world since its inception in 1898. On the third Sunday of February each year the UDPS liturgy is celebrated using a service prepared by one of the WSCF regions. Supporters of WSCF can download the service from the UDPS page on this site. You can support the movement by organising to celebrate the liturgy in your church or ecumenical group. You can offer practical support at the same time by taking a collection at your celebration of the UDPS service and forwarding the proceeds to your national SCM or to WSCF.

To contact your national SCM in the Asia-Pacific region, please go to the WSCF AP National Movements: Addresses page on this site. For countries outside of the Asia-Pacific region, please refer to the WSCF Global site: National Contacts-SCMs page and search the list of movements by country name.

Support: Senior Friend’s network

WSCF relies on its friends around the world to keep alive the spirit of the movement and to provide opportunities for the current generation to experience SCMs and WSCF. To keep in touch with the federation and to maintain your awareness of how you can help its work, please visit our Senior Friends section on this site.

All former members of SCMs, WSCF or those who have appreciated the work of the movement through contact as chaplains, academic colleagues, fellow activists, resource people, etc. are warmly encouraged to register on the senior friends’ list. Please go to the WSCF Global site: Senior Friends page, fill in your registration form and send it to WSCF by clicking on the submit button. By registering on this list you will automatically receive the WSCF newsletter, Federation News.

To find out more about senior friend’s networks in your country or region, please contact your national SCM or WSCF region through the WSCF AP National Movements: Addresses page on this site, or through the WSCF Global site: National Contacts-SCMs and WSCF Global site: Regional Contacts.

SCMs in action

Institutional support

Churches, ecumenical organisations, aid and development agencies, NGOs and many other groups can support WSCF by offering their expertise, funding support and institutional resources for the use of students engaged in WSCF activities.

To find out how to contact your national movement and offer support, please go to the WSCF AP National Movements: Addresses page on this site. To support the WSCF Asia-Paific regional activities, you can contact our Regional Office to ask for more information on the region’s current needs. For global activities of WSCF, please contact the Inter-Regional Office.

Financial support

The World Student Christian Federation relies on the financial generosity of its supporters in order to carry out its work among students around the world. If you would like to support the WSCF Asia-Pacific Region’s work financially, you may –

Send a cheque made out to the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region and post it to the the following address:

WSCF Asia-Pacific Regional Office
18/F, Unit 1-2
280 Portland Street Commercial Building
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Or if you prefer you can also contribute to WSCF AP’s current work via a direct deposit or electronic transfer to our bank account:

World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)
Account No: 283-7-716485
Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
Mongkok Branch
677 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Swift Code: HASE HKHH

You can also contribute using your Credit Card. We have a special arrangement using the PayPal account of our ecumenical partner DAGA. Please click here for Credit Card contributions.

If you decide to send a direct transfer or use your Credit Card (via PayPal) to WSCF AP, please also send us an email or written note describing the purpose of your gift and letting us know it has come from you. This allows us to thank you, to trace the transfer and to use your gift for exactly its intended purpose.

Long-term financial support: WSCF Centennial Fund

In 1990 the World Student Christian Federation established an endowment fund to secure the future of the federation’s global work. The Centennial Fund aims to support ecumenical leadership formation of students who will transform our churches, local communities and the ecumenical movement in the search for justice and peace. The fund is based in Geneva and is managed by an international Board of Trustees who release income from the fund to support WSCF programmes, publications and leadership formation. For more information on the Centennial Fund, please go to the WSCF Global site: Centennial Fund page.

For any further enquiries on how to support WSCF

Please contact the WSCF Asia-Pacific Regional Office or the Inter-Regional Office as below:

WSCF Asia-Pacific Regional Office
18/F, Unit 1-2
280 Portland Street Commercial Building
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: + 852 238 525 50
Fax: + 852 278 239 80
Email: wscfap[at]

WSCF Inter-Regional Office
Ecumenical Centre 5 Route des Morillons
P.O. Box 2100, CH 1211
Geneva 2
Tel: + 41 22 791 6358
Fax: + 41 22 791 6152
Email: wscf[at]