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Women’s Art

Women’s Art is an essential part of women’s expression on their life journeys, hopes and apprehension, joy and sadness, and perspectives on themselves as women living in their own society. There are indeed many stories to share as women experienced the challenges, trials and turbulences as a woman journeying in a world where it is still in one way or another, being influenced by the patriarchy system and ideology.

In this issue of Women’s Space, we are bringing out some of the artistic expressions by women and we hope other women will be encouraged to share their expressions with us in the next few issues of Praxis.

Night is long...

A Tri-dialogue


by Wendy Low, SCM Singapore

(i) I am a Woman Not a Feminist

Call me not names
Attach no label
to who I can be
or should be
Rather, let me just
myself, as I am
loving, smiling, painting
feeding, nurturing
holding, teasing
dancing in my world
in which only
Exist, nameless.


Waiting, waiting, waiting...

(ii) I am a Feminist Not a Woman

But a womyn
The distinction which escapes you
but encapsulates me –
the man-less defined
independent, strong-willed,
courageous, opinated
the poor, suffering, marginalised
fellow womyn
who all we suffer
because of 
the Man with us
the Man, in us.

(iii) I am a Woman and a Feminist

For I cannot see
how I can distinguish one,
without extinguishing the other
our integrated whole:
that who lives without
that lives within

that who loves and suffers without
that loves and suffers within
Truly, how can I be
if you,
as multitudes of myself
are not connected to me
as I am not connected, to me...


In Your Image

by Leni Basmayor, Valeriano, SCM Philippines
Prayer taken from Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Week 2002

Thank you for creating us in your image,
That we may have the eyes to see 
the grandeur of your creation
tarnished as the law of respect is transgressed
That we may have the ears to listen 
to the woes of the downtrodden,
the wails of those ripped of their dignity, robbed of their rights
as workers, peasants, slum dwellers, youth, beggars, war torn villagers
and those living in the underworld of our societies.
That we may have the lips to speak 
the truth in what we see or hear,
the oppressed and repressed
That we may have the emotions to feel
the struggle amidst helplessness
and hope amidst uncertainty
That we may have the mind for clear vision
of a future not blurred with insatiable greed
of a society unravaged by hunger amidst affluence
That we may have the body and feet to stand
on the side of the sidelined, oppressed and persecuted
That we may have the hands to make 
our dream of peace anchored on justice
be a reality

That we may be whole in the service of You and your people
These all ask and name of Christ, our Liberator. Amen.


My Brother at Age 4

by Wong Yick Ching
24 August 1991
Hong Kong