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Human Rights Justice and Peace Workshop 2010
Hong Kong Statement

WSCF Asia-Pacific
October 9-15, 2010, Hong Kong

We, the participants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea [South], Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan participated in the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region Human Rights, Justice and Peace (HRJP) Workshop held at the YMCA Youth village located at Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong from 9th to 15th of October 2010, we have thoroughly discussed the human rights violations growing in the region.

During the course of our workshop, we have seen that in the countries in Asia, human rights defenders, journalists, activists, health workers, social workers, clergies, farmers, aboriginals, dalits, ethnic and religious minorities, migrants, women, sex workers and students whose right to life are threatened in the forms of militarization, political killings, land grabbing, privatization, dominant caste system, racist and patriarchal social policies, media repression, prohibition of right to assembly and freedom of expression, global capitalism, developmental aggression, oppressive cultural traditions and other forms that destroy human dignity. As a consequence of the worsening living conditions in this region, brought by the crisis of the global political system, it is necessary for local, national and international solidarity to address the problems affecting the lives of our communities.

We urge the states to ratify and implement the UN Conventions without any reservation.

We condemn all kinds of human rights violation perpetrated by the state, military and police institutions, and non-state groups.

We affirm the rights of marginalized sectors, poor, migrant workers, indigenous people, dalits, religious and ethnic minorities, women, sex workers, human rights defenders, activists, and journalists.

We support the people who are fighting against the system that legitimizes violence, discrimination, corruption, and inequality to create a democratic and egalitarian society.

We encourage to continue the initiatives of the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region to defend human rights.

We challenge the students in all nations to stand up and fight for Human Rights.


Participants to the

WSCF Asia-Pacific Hong Kong Human Rights Justice and Peace Workshop

October 2010