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Profiles of Women Political Activists
Arrested and in Hiding During and After
August and September Uprising

Daw Sann Sann TinDaw Sann Sann Tin

Arrested for helping activists to hide and
assisting democracy movement since 1988

Daw Sann Sann Tin (aged 57) is mother of two. One of her sons is Nyi Nyi Aung who is one of the exiled activists and member of All Burma Students’ Democratic Movement Association (Ma-Ka-Da) led by Min Zeya and Htay Kywe during 1988 Uprising. She has been an instrumental for activists for democracy and human rights since 1988.

She had been arrested several times by the regime since 1990. Her crime was for helping activists who sacrifice their life for people of Burma and risk everything to bring better future for the country.

Her loving-kindness was considered a threat to the regime and was arrested on Oct. 19, 2007 in Tarmwe Township.

Ma Sandar MinnMa Sandar Minn

Active since 1988 and being arrested
several times because she would not stop
demanding democracy and human rights

Sandra Minn (aged 39) is a leading member of women group within ‘88 Generation Students Group and was very active in the famous 8.8.88 Uprising. She was also one of the leaders among Tri Colours Students (known as Thone-yaung-chare) and took care of security for Daw Anug San Suu Kyi. She was arrested and imprisoned on July 19, 1989 and released after serving her three years jail term.

In 1996, she was allegedly accused to having involved in Swedaw Pagoda’s terrorist attack but was re-leased after a month of interrogation. In 2003, she becomes the Operational Manager for the non-governmental organization called the La Pyu Won Children Development Organization.

In late August, she was one of the organizers of the women led peaceful march on August 27 which drew about 2,000 people to join in. She was arrested by the military regime on August 25, 2007 at her home.

Ma Nilar TheinMa Nilar Thein

Wanted & listed as “Terrorist!” by the regime.
On 21st November she calls for greater security
of women’s human rights defender

Nilar Thein (aged 35) is a leading member of 88' Generation Students Group. Nilar is a mother of a six-month old baby girl and wife of Kyaw Min “Jimmy” Yu, a former political prisoner and one of the leaders of 88' Generation Students Group. She was detained repeatedly since 1988 and was arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in January 1997 for actively participating in the 1996 student movement. Her crime is for protesting and demanding for democracy and human rights.

Right now, she is on the run and in hiding to avoid persecution by the authorities leaving her little daughter with her mother-in-law. In an interview given to the Radio Free Asia (RFA) Nilar said “I am so choked up with feeling when I had to leave my daughter (four-month old) with my mother-in-law on Sept. 27. It will not be wrong to say it was the worse day of my life... [but] I don’t regret at all. I don’t because just like my daughter I see many faces of children in my country whose future lacks. With that I encourage myself to continue this journey.”

Mie MieMie Mie

Mie Mie has been imprisoned previously for her peaceful activism for human rights and democracy. Mie Mie spent about one year in Rangoon’s Insein prison and some time at Tharawaddy Prison in Bago Division. She was a leader in the 1988 protest when she was still a high school student and a member of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions and the Democratic Party for a New Society.

In 1989, she was detained for four months because of her political activities. In 1996, as a National League for Democracy youth wing member, she took part in the large student demonstrations which called or improve-ment to education and for the release of political prisoners. She was arrested in this connection and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment under the national security provisions of the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act.

Background: Mie Mie [also known as Thin Thin Ayr] was detained with the Htay Kywe and Aung Thu in the early hours of October 13 in the city of Rangoon as part of the continuing crackdown by the military authorities. The three are believed to be among the last high profile mem-bers of the ‘88

Generation Students group who were still at large. Mie Mie is a 35-year-old mother of two. She was prominent in the early protests in August, but was soon forced into hiding as the authorities launched a manhunt for those they perceived as the leaders of the peaceful protests.