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Free Burma Now!

Justice and Freedom for Women of Burma!
Petition by the Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma

Free Burma Now!
Free Burma Now!
Free Burma Now!
Free Burma Now!

We, concerned individuals and organizations in Hong Kong, declare our support for the struggle for human rights and genuine democracy in Burma.

In the last quarter of the previous year, the world has witnessed a resurgence of the democratic movement in Burma. Hundreds of thousands of people untiringly poured out onto the streets in various parts of the country to demand their economic, political, social and cultural rights that have long been neglected and suppressed.

But instead of respecting the people’s rights and listening to their demands, the ruling military junta—the State Peace and Development Council—responded with its trademark repression.

Peaceful and legitimate actions were answered by bullets and human rights violations.

Burmese women were not spared from atrocities and abuses. According to reports as of November 14, 2007, by the Association for Assistance of Political Prisoners, the military crackdown following the massive protests has resulted in the forced disappearance of 19 women activists and the incarceration of 131 women protestors, including six nuns.

Groups and individuals concerned with human rights, peace and justice in Hong Kong have expressed, on various occasions, our solidarity with our Burmese brothers and sisters.

As we commemorate today the International Women’s Day and the Global Day of Prayer for Burma, we pay attention to the plight of the women human rights defenders of Burma. Our sisters are facing a long-running and formidable enemy, and we cannot stand back and be silent.

But our support and solidarity for our sisters in Burma extends to all Burmese people who, despite the repression, still struggle for their rights.

On this day, we join the women of Burma and its people in the demand:

  1. To respect human rights and uphold democracy in Burma;
  2. To release all political prisoners and respect the civil and political rights of the Burmese people;
  3. To respect the rights of Burmese women and render justice for all victims of violence and repression.

Our solidarity for human rights and democracy in Burma lives for as long as the Burmese struggle continues.

09 March 2008
Hong Kong

*Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma is a member of Burma Partnership which includes: Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples (ACPP), Amnesty International Hong Kong Section (AIHK), Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Asia-Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM), Asian Students Association (ASA), Christian Solidarity Worldwide Hong Kong (CSW HK), Hong Kong Christian Institute (HKCI), Hong Kong Women’s Christian Council (HKWCC), Justice and Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese (HKJP), United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK), World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)