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HRJP Workshop 2006
Statement on Human Rights and Neoliberalism

Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia - WSCF
September 9, 2006
, Parapat, Indonesia

We, the Student Christian Movements representing the World Student Christian Federation of the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, gathered in Parapat, North Sumatera, from the 3rd to 10th of September 2006, have discussed and addressed neoliberalism and its impact and relation to the burning human rights issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is our resolve that neoliberalism takes form in modern economic theories, promoting the market mechanisms and the free enterprise (policies of liberalisation, privatisation and deregulation) further aggravate the conditions of poverty. Neoliberalism is responsible for the majority of human rights violations in the region, such as the creation of landlessness in the society (contradicting the basic right to property), commodification of labor and environmental destruction.

The human rights situation in the Asia-Pacific region is worsening rapidly. The issues of torture, extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances cause structural poverty, curtailment of the freedom of expression and persistent inequalities—although freedom to practise these rights is guaranteed in the constitutions of most countries—which are blatantly carried out throughout the region.

We came to the conclusion that we, the SCMers further raise our commitment to act in all levels; global, regional, national and local, in the fight against the rampant human rights abuses perpetuating in the region and the impact and relation of neoliberalism to these abuses. This will include the work of human rights advocacy on a regional scale.

Specific actions taken to facilitate our campaign will be the establishment of platforms for information exchange, publicity and campaign where violations occur as well as building networks through student, church and other advocacy organizations, working on a common regional theme and formation of a Human Rights Committee to coordinate human rights campaigns in the region.

Together, we will stand united wheresoever there may occur situations of injustice and poverty, amongst any of our brothers and sisters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Justice for all the victims of human rights violations!
No to neoliberal globalisation! Down with US imperialism!
Justice and peace for all!


Participants of the
WSCF AP 2006 Human Rights Workshop