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WSCF AP Participates
in the People’s Action Week on WTO

WSCF AP Participates in the People's Action Week on WTOWSCF AP hosted and participated in the different events of the People's Action Week on WTO from December 8 to 18, 2005 in Hong Kong. Nine students from the SCMs were selected to participate in these events.

They were, Ma. Christina Guevarra from Philippines, Sayun Chen from Taiwan, Julianna Lim from Singapore, Pitiphan Areeyat from Thailand, Sreekanth James from India, Edward Franks from Aotearoa. Lukas Trebula from Slovakia, representing WSCF Europe, and the WSCF AP staff, Necta, Yock Leng and Bayani.

The first event that we participated in was the Ecumenical Conference on Globalizing Economic Justice and Social Sustainability from December 8 to 12, 2005 at the YMCA Youth Village in Wu Kwai Shai. More than 200 participants from the churches, ecumenical groups and people's organization attended this three-day event. The Conference was hosted and organized by 8 Hong Kong based organizations, including WSCF AP to provide space for the churches to develop a deeper understanding of Trade issues that will be discussed at the WTO Ministerial Meeting, and to unite the different positions and analysis on the WTO. The highlights of the conference were the panel presentations, workshops, drafting of the unity statement and the participation in the demonstration rally on December 12th, organized by the Hong Kong People's Alliance (HKPA) against the WTO.

WSCF AP Participates in the People's Action Week on WTOImmediately after the Conference, the Ecumenical Women's Forum (EWF) on Life Promoting Trade was held from December 13 to 15 at the same venue, where five participants from WSCF joined the event. The participants mostly women from all over the world, who came together to examine and discuss how women as a vulnerable sector is specifically affected by the WTO Trade Policies, and develop a forum was attended by 70 women's perspective and position on the issue.

WSCF AP was also a cooperating group at the The Peace for Life round table discussion on Religious War and Fundamentalism which was held at the Tao Fong Shan Centre in Shatin, Hong Kong from December 14 to 18. The Round Table discussion was attended by 50 church and ecumenical activists. It focused on the theme of Empire and its manifestation in the global economic system, the organizational mechanism of the Peace for Life and the program of action of the organization.

WSCF AP Participates in the People's Action Week on WTOThe final major event participated in by WSCF AP is the Youth Forum on employment and education sponsored by the WSCF AP, the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS), the International League of People's Struggle Youth Division, and the Asian Students Association held at the Hong Kong University from Dec. 15 to 18. Attended by 20 youth and students from Asia and the Pacific, the forum was designed to discuss particular issues affecting the youth and students, develop a common platform and resolution of action. The Youth forum was capped with a Youth March from Victoria Park to the Docking Area near the HK Convention Center where the WTO Ministerial Meeting was taking place. The event was also joined by the Korean Catholic farmers who came to Hong Kong to participate in the Action Week.