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Students and Youth of the World Shout:

Education and Employment Out of WTO!
Junk WTO!

Education and Employment Out of WTO! Junk WTO!We, from the International Students and Youth Network Opposed to WTO (I SAY NO TO WTO), shall gather together this December in solidarity to represent the voice of the youth and students as we define our role in the sphere of globalization and WTO.

In this era, we seek to let our voices be heard as we stand on common ground, notwithstanding the diversity of the land and culture we represent. Inside our organizations, schools, workplaces and communities, we face the rising repression and exploitation brought about by the heightened plunder and destruction in the name of globalization. The international youth community continues to confront and struggle against the threats and impacts of the inclusion of education, culture and employment in the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services.

Education and Employment Out of WTO! Junk WTO!We assert our right to a pro-people and scientific education and culture. We seek the end of the current educational system which primarily serves the interests of monopoly capitalist corporations and their local lackeys pushed by globalization and WTO policies. We seek an education and culture that encourages critical thinking, preservation and development of nationalism that all aim to serve the interests of the majority and not of the few and that would allow for the blossoming of the potentials of the youth to serve the democratic aspirations of the people. This we pursue in place of repression and allegiance to abusive demands.

We assert our right to social benefits and employment. As the crisis of globalization worsens, social guarantees suffer drastic cutbacks. We seek just and rightful employment in face of widespread unemployment. We seek just treatment as migrants and overseas contract workers against exploitation, chauvinism and racism.

The principal objective of globalization is super-profits through exploitation of workers in all countries including reduction or elimination of trade unions and suppressing workers' democratic rights. Women workers, child labor, migrant labor, and agricultural workers are also subjected to extended exploitation. The working class is attacked by restrictive and repressive labor codes, privatization and deregulation of public sector enterprises and services, and contracting-out and sub-contracting of work. Labor codes now include contractualization and casualization of labor. In many countries, workers' organizations are subject to repression and state violence backed by countries of super power.

The collapse of the Fifth Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico last 2003 is a victory for the peoples of the world. This December, as all roads lead to Hong Kong to the WTO 6th Ministerial Meeting, the world's youth leaders have geared themselves to take part in the collapse of the conference and intensify the anti-WTO international front.


The I SAY NO TO WTO is a network of students and youth sharing an identity of being agents for change. Being formed in December 2004 in response to the WTO Sixth Ministerial Conference, it is an initiation of the regional and international coordination of students and youth including Asian Students Association (ASA), International Movement of Catholic Students Asia-Pacific (IMCS), World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF) and the International League of People’s Struggle-Student and Youth Commission (ILPS-Youth).


The I SAY NO TO WTO was present in the International Coordinating Network (ICN) Meeting organised by the Hong Kong People’s Alliance on the WTO (HKPA) on 26-27 February in Hong Kong with youth and student representatives voicing-up the impacts of globalization and WTO on the young people. With the theme, WTO Out of Education: Asserting our Rights to Education and Work, the I SAY NO TO WTO will organize simultaneous mass education, conference, solidarity action and shall be in the forefront of the youth protests calling for the junking of the World Trade Organization before, during and after the WTO Action Week.