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Prayers for the people of Iraq


Prayers for:


God of strength, we pray for the women in Iraq who will be subjected to a lot of pain and suffering when the war breaks out.

We know that mothers will lose their sons, wives will lose their husbands and daughters will lose their fathers. Families will be torn apart and the women will have to solely bear many heavy burdens of taking care of what remains in a family, sourcing for an income to feed the family and attending to the needs of children and elderly parents simultaneously. While taking care of the needs of others, many women neglect their own physical, emotional and mental health. Suffering for others, women lose their potentiality to realise their own dreams and freedom. We pray also for the many young women who would be enlisted to fight in the war. We know that the war will prematurely end many young lives before they could fully enjoy the fruits of their youth.

O God, we pray for Your strength to the women of Iraq. We pray that You will hold them close to You when they are in despair, pain and suffering.


God of love and care, surround the children of Iraq with your loving embrace and healing touch. We pray that Iraqi children also be given the right to dream about a future, the right to nourishments, the right to experience security, and the right to experience peace. Lay Your masterful hands on these children so that they will have wisdom to decipher justice from unjust situations, peace among violent events, and love among the hatred propagandized by the governments. We pray that you send hope to the innocent minds, because without such hope, we would only end in destruction. God, clear our minds of confrontations and bring reconciliation into our whole beings. Lord, we pray that the Iraqi children will have the opportunity to enjoy the same right of all children—the right to be a child.

Hold them tight in your embrace, O God, for they will be scared and tremble in fear. Comfort and let them know that they are not alone, shield them from unnecessary trauma, and show a life filled with peace, not violence.

Country Leaders

God of wisdom, we pray that you bring insight to government officials and country leaders, so that they may see there is no justification for this declaration to war. Violence cannot and will not end violence. Lord, please show the leaders that it was the unjust situations and circumstances that led to such violent acts as September 11th and the Bali incident. We pray that the leaders will understand that it is no longer “Just War” that we are seeking, it is “Just Peace.” God of strength, we pray that you stand by these leaders because they need the will power to say “no” to unjust policies, and to be firm when there are bullying tactics to persuade them to join this war against Iraq. O God of understanding, help the leaders to listen to the people of the world, because there is a clear and united voice declaring “NO WAR” that the leaders are conveniently ignoring. We pray that these insights will help the leaders make a decision not only benefitting the economy or private agendas, but the global survival in the only earth that we have.

Guide them, O God, and bring them once again to have humility in all situations; to seek justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly before you.


God of creation, we pray for the environment that will be subjected to massive destruction and plundering when the war breaks.

We know that chemical and biological weapons will contaminate the soil, water, and air, choking the environment with murderous gases and destroying the land for cultivation of food. We know that uranium will be depleted from the war weapons, poisoning the air that will kill thousands of innocent women, men and children. We know that the left-over artillery debris will pollute the lands and water with oil and petrol, making them dangerous to the people, animals and plants.

O God, we pray for the preservation and protection of Your creation. We pray for the generosity and forgiveness from the environment that is being abused by this present human race who is waging war with each other out of arrogance and self-interests.

Economic Justice for People

God of justice, we pray for economic justice for the thousands of Iraqi people who have been deprived of basic food and medical necessities due to the economic embargo which has been going for more than a decade.

We know that this decade-old economic embargo has crippled the Iraqi economy severely and has left many Iraqi people struggling to survive. We know that this embargo has caused many children and elderly to die due to lack of medical support. We know that many people have to resort to black-market trading and supplies, subjecting themselves to much vulnerability just for the sake of a stack of flour and other necessities. We know that there is no economic justice for many innocent Iraqi people when they are actually living in an abundant land of natural resources.

O God, we pray for a redress to this economic injustice. We pray for a return of economic freedom and justice for the Iraqi people so that people do not have to suffer and die. We pray for Your strength to the Iraqi people as they struggle to resist this injustice.

Neighbouring countries

God of all nations, we pray that you not only be with the Iraqi people, but also the people who are living in the surrounding countries. There are constant struggles for power, land, and other material needs. God, we pray that you bring a new consciousness to the people so that they will understand the value of human beings and human rights over all results and benefits from trade, economy, and international relations. The global effects of this war on terrorism, on Iraq, has proven to not only be ineffective in stopping violent acts against innocent people, it has increased the tension between initially stable international relationships. Therefore, Lord, we pray that not only the countries neighbouring Iraq, but all countries to step outside of the war arena before lives are lost for simple reasons of materialistic greed. We pray that countries will not allow armed forces to use their resources to hurt fellow residents of the God-given world.

Lord of justice and peace, we pray that you cover and fill those initiating this war with love and mercy, so that they will have a change of heart and the understanding that this war is not justified and cannot be supported by any religions or faith traditions. We pray that the change of heart is quick and permanent, because we do not wish to have onslaughts of innocent lives anymore. God, grant us peace; Jesus, bring us peace; Holy Spirit, help us to be peacemakers.