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International Solidarity of Students & Youth
in the Struggle for Education Rights

The current capitalist crisis and the passing of the burden of the imperialist to the countries they dominate is already a fate sealed at the empire’s headquarters.

With the breakout of the financial crisis at the end of 2008, now considered as the worst crisis of the world capitalist crisis since the Great Depression, various anti-youth and anti-people policies are being schemed to be imposed by imperialist and the servile governments in the Third World in order to salvage giant monopoly-corporations and continue to amass profit.

These are valiantly defied by the youth, workers and the people. Here are some of the struggles in different countries to oppose budget cut in education and social services, austerity measures, privatization brought by bail-outs and other schemes.


August 2010 students of Dhaka University, Chittagong University and other universities due to the tuition hike and education budget slash.

The students were united but on August 16 while protests are going on at the Chittagong University, the government deployed police force inside the university to quell the protests. Subsequently dormitories were raided, and student-leaders were detained and the Chittagong University was closed down for almost 2 months until September 16. Despite the threats of the government and repression, the protests continued. Youth and people also successfully frustrated the government’s planned imposition of the Value Added Tax.


Almost every month protests were held in Santiago City against the Laws on General Education (LGE) since 2008. Mayo 2008 youth also pushed for big marches in the cities of Santiago, Valparaiso at Antofagast where 450 of them were arrested. They again held indignation of around 15, 000 students together with their teachers and school personnel.


Students and youth protested in around 22 cities to protest government abandonment of education. Only 15% of the total budget requirement of state universities and colleges are being delivered by the government thru subsidy further commercializing education.

Puerto Rico

Lasting for months and still continuing now, student, teachers and academic strike launched in the Universidad de Puerto Rico system with11 campuses, which started in April 2010 because of proposed 40% budget cut in the university and the plans to raise tuition.

Despite repression they faced from the government, the unity of different sectors was intensified, and the patriotic aspiration for independence and freedom was rekindled in the hearts of the Puerto Ricans from the United States of America, which is the oldest and remaining colony in the modern times.

United States of America National actions against budget cut, austerity budget and war budget of the US government. Academic communities and students in California led and sparked a nationwide and big actions of youth, teachers, researchers and workers in the protests to defy bail-out and budget cuts.


Around 250, 000 students and youth protested on 2009 against the budget cut on education, tuition hike and “Bologna Process” or the revision of education curriculum in education to adopt to the needs of corporations and imperialists.


Students opposed the proposed law to allow the private schools and entry of foreign corporations that will invest in education. Protests were held in 20 state universities and inspite of repression the struggle continued.


April 2009 when around 10,000 youth walked out to oppose the Bologna Process.


Thousands of youth marched in the cities of Munser, Galway, Limerick at Dublin in fighting the plans to double and triple the tuition of universities.

Great Britain

Students walked out and marched in the streets of London and other cities on November 7 to protest the plans to double and triple the annual tuition cap in universities which is now at £3290 o $5264. The protests continue as the parliament approved the policy in November 24.


This October 2010, thousands of students and youth merged with workers and people in the general strike against “austerity measures” implemented by the Berlusconi regime since the 2008 crisis which will directly result to massive services budget cuts, pension, education and other attacks to the rights of workers and people.


Around 5,000 youth and students march in front of the Ministry of Education against the implementation of the Bologna process and bad condition in education. Protests were also held in cities of Split, Osijek, and Rijeka.

Big actions and marches of unity of youth with workers and peoples in France, Greece in their general strikes called to fight the exploitative bail-outs to corporations and agreements/dictates of IMF-WB, and the attacks on the rights of workers and people in the forms of budget cuts in social services. There were also protests and raising of consciousness on the attacks to education in Pakistan, South Africa, Argentina, Guatemala, Benin, India, Honduras and Costa Rica among many others.

Various anti-youth and anti-people policies are being schemed to be imposed by imperialist and the servile governments in the Third World in order to salvage giant monopoly-corporations and continue to amass profit. Such actions are valiantly defied by the youth, workers and the people.