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P e r s p e c t i v e

The Korean Theologians’ Response to Just Peace

Therefore, the destruction of life is a destruction of peace and a blasphemy before God. Denying the right of life that is a gift for all creation is not only unfaithfulness to God but is also the cause of violence.

In the world today, however, we see the life of all creation being threatened with utter destruction by human greed. The livelihood of creation itself is at stake as the toll of human activities to manipulate creation for its own benefit and consumption. The human desire to manipulate God’s creation and God-given characteristics of life is a denial of life and a blasphemy against God. [read on]

A Call to Strike Against Education Budget Cut

Aquino is leading the country to roads that could all end to a deadly ravine, but “straight way”.

The Aquino government has spoken of “straight way”, rhetoric of reform and different state of affairs under his new government contrary to Arroyo government. Aquino’s predecessor, Arroyo’s regime has been characterized by grave human rights violations, corruption, and rabid servility to the US economic and political agenda.

At this early however, it can be seen that Aquino has towed the line of “neo-liberal globalization” championed by Arroyo. It is clear in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT), that these central socio-economic policies of Aquino will only worsen the chronic crisis that beset the country and benefit mostly foreign interests and monopoly capital. [read on]

International Solidarity of Students & Youth
in the Struggle for Education Rights

The current capitalist crisis and the passing of the burden of the imperialist to the countries they dominate is already a fate sealed at the empire’s headquarters.

With the breakout of the financial crisis at the end of 2008, now considered as the worst crisis of the world capitalist crisis since the Great Depression, various anti-youth and anti-people policies are being schemed to be imposed by imperialist and the servile governments in the Third World in order to salvage giant monopoly-corporations and continue to amass profit. [read on]

From Climate Justice to Ecological Justice

by Maria Theresa Conception,
League of Youth for Environment

The Millennium Ecosystem Sssessment in 2005, a four-year study led by UNEP and scientific institutions conducted by 1,300 experts all over the world from 95 countries, presented the following general findings on the situation of the global ecological systems. First, humans have changed the ecosystems more rapidly and extensively in the last 50 years than in any other period in the known history of the world. [read on]

A Reflection on the socio-political, cultural, and religious
implications on women’s identity in Indonesian context

by Anna Marsiana

In order to honor women and to protect them from any disrespectful acts by men, the provinces of Aceh, Padang, Tangerang, Garut, Batang, Bulukumba came up with the regional regulations for women to be implemented in 151 districts. Some regulations are directed to control women’s body and mobility. For example, one regulation prohibits women from going out in public areas after 7PM. One also directs women on how to dress in “respectful manner” —meaning covering her whole body because women’s bodies are “aurat” (objects of sexual desires). [read on]

B i b l i o - T h e o l o g i c a l   R e f l e c t i o n s

Who will roll the stone away?

by Hope S. Antone

When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus’ body. Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb and they asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” [read on]

The Right of Every Bud

Biblical Reflections on Mark 9:14-28

by Rev. Vinod Victor

The Setting: The transfiguration experience was an extra-ordinary encounter for the three disciples. After marveling at the revelation of the glory of Jesus they opted to stay up in the mountain. However Jesus was clear that his mission had a journey ahead, that too a difficult one. He embarked on a walk down the hill and there saw his disciples in a jiffy with a crowd. A burdened father had brought his son to Jesus to be healed of a possession and since Jesus was up in the mountain he had asked his disciples for help. But they could do nothing. [read on]

Bible Studies on Ecological Justice
"Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity"

by Dr. Hope S. Antone, Joint Executive Secretary
for Faith, Mission and Unity, Christian Conference of Asia

Your theme “Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity” reflects how WSCF AP is trying to address urgent issues of our day. However, I want to say that I prefer “ecological justice” to climate justice because climate change and global warming are mere symptoms of the deeper problem of ecological injustice which human beings have inflicted on creation. So for me it is not so much the climate [which general refers to weather conditions] that is in need of justice but the ecology [the totality of relations between organisms and their environment] itself.

I was asked to do two Bible studies with your Regional Women’s Committee on eco-feminism. I congratulate you for your interest in this movement. So, to begin with, what is Ecofeminism? [read on]

Martha & Mary
“Diakonia” Discipleship of Equals
A Critical Feminist Reading of Luke 10:38-42

by Yong Ting Jin, Out-going Coordinator,
Asian Women Resource Center (AWRC)
A hermeneutics of suspicion and evaluation of the text raise many questions: why a “division” between Martha and Mary is being created, opposing and playing against each other—the listener is the silenced one while the doer is silenced

More than thirty years ago I believed sincerely the “Mary and Martha” story sermonized from the pulpit several times. From my teens through seminary student years and as a pastor [unordained] I heard the same storyline preached by other seminarians and church pastors. They had one common message and interpretation.

Each sermon ended with a spiritual moral lesson that women must note and model themselves after Mary who had chosen the best portion! Shun Martha’s attitude of “complaining/nagging” and getting distracted! Be like Mary who chose to listen to “God’s Word” and not be distracted or grumpy! Mary is the model for she knew how to spend time wisely and devote herself foremost to God as a priority over her domestic chores! [read on]

S o l i d a r i t y   S p a c e

On the July 22 Attacks in Norway

Our message and prayer

We share the grief of the Norwegian people for the lost lives, most of them young people, in the calibrated bombing and shoot-out in a youth camp in Utoya islands last Friday in Norway. We are one with the international call for justice for all the victims, along with their families, friends and the people of Norway.

WSCF AP Statement on the July 22 Attacks in Norway

The twin attacks in Norway, reportedly by a single individual whose prime motivation which is slowly coming to light, is alarmingly slanted towards hatred on the Muslims and immigrants in Norway. We are alarmed that these are aimed at encouraging more extreme rightist Christian ideology, xenophobia, islamophobia, racism and animosity against people of color in Europe. Recently we have just witnessed the attacks on Roma camps and expulsion of the Roma people. [read on]

WSCF’s Water Justice Campaign

“Let justice roll down like a river, and righteousness
like an ever-flowing stream.” – Amos 5:24

The WSCF’s Advocacy and Solidarity Committee (ASC) is challenging SCMs across the Federation to take part in our first global campaign on Water Justice. Inspired by students’ global engagement with the WSCF’s 2010 advocacy theme of climate justice, the ASC along with the WSCF Executive Committee is launching the Water Justice Campaign.

As stewards of Creation, water reminds us to connect to most basic elemental level. We recognize that water is a real, universal need and that connects all of God’s world. As Christians, we know that water is a powerful symbol of our thirst for justice, of the power of the Holy Spirit, and of the Wellspring of life in Jesus. [read on]

Solidarity Statement on Climate and Ecojustice

WSCF Executive Committee
Signed in Beirut, Lebanon in November 2010
Solidarity Statement on Climate and Ecojustice

We, the participants at the WSCF Inter-regional Leadership Training Program on Climate and Eco-justice met in Beirut, Lebanon in conjunction with the Executive Committee Meeting, from October 28 to November 6, 2010. The objective of the Training Conference was to engage the Federation’s leadership to reflect on issues of Climate and eco-justice, the WSCF’s theme for 2010. The conference started with the Universal Day of Prayer for Students, followed by regional presentations about the activities that have taken place in the six regions of the Federation. The sharing of these experiences was the starting point of the work of the conference. [read on]

The POSCO Project: Overview and Opposition

Orissa is the poorest state in India with official estimate of 39.9 per cent of people living below the poverty line, yet in regard to proposed investment stood at second position after Gujarat. According to Assocham Investment Meter, recorded investment proposals in Orissa reached Rs. 2,00,846 crore (roughly 40 billion USD) in 2009. [read on]

The WSCF calls for an immediate release of 43 doctors and health workers arrested in the Philippines on February 6, 2010

Free the 43Free the 43 rallyThe World Student Christian Federation expresses shock and dismay at the arrest and torture of 43 doctors, nurses and community health practitioners by the Armed Forces in the Philippines and the Philippines National Police. Among the arrested Dr. Alexis Montes is a relative of our colleague, World Student Christian Federation Asia Paciϐic Regional Secretary Necta Montes. Dr. Montes, is a devoted doctor who has tirelessly served the poor and marginalized people as the longtime head of the healing and health ministry of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP) and the Community Medical Foundation (COMMED), an NGO that provides medical services to community health workers and volunteers working in depressed communities in the Philippines. [read on]

HRJP Workshop 2010 Hong Kong Statement

WSCF Asia-Pacific
October 9-15, 2010, Hong Kong

We, the participants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea [South], Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan participated in the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region Human Rights, Justice and Peace (HRJP) Workshop held at the YMCA Youth village located at Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong from 9th to 15th of October 2010, we have thoroughly discussed the human rights violations growing in the region. [read on]

W o m e n   S p a c e

Her Story


by Alzira Pinto (East Timor),
Xochi Mace
(Australia), and
Christine Tsoi
(Hong Kong)

Sharing of Her Stories are the stories from three young SCM women who participated in the Women Doing Theology Workshop. Christine Tsoi from Hong Kong shares her experience of identifying herself as a Christian woman behaving in a particular way as prescribed in Biblical texts and the expectation of her Church. Alzira’s from East Timor shares her life journey of growing up as a Timorese woman under the military occupation by Indonesia. Her life journey is a witness to the violence and exploitation by the military power towards innocent people in Timor Leste. Xochi from Australia shares her reflections on multiple identities assigned by the society, family and the teachings of an ideal woman within Christianity, challenging her to find her own self—a God given identity outside of her gender social construct. [read on]

War Does Not Make Sense!

Response of a Terrorized Widow on the Anti-Terrorism
Campaign and the Human Security Act, Philippines

by Florence (Dom-an) Macagne-Manegdeg

Florence (Dom-an) Macagne-Manegdeg	“Would anyone help me make sense of war please?” On August 7, 2007, it will be one year since and my young daughters packed a few belongings and left the comfort of our niche in the cool city of Baguio in Northern Luzon, Philippines. We traveled further away from our hometown, the mystic mountains of Sagada, Mt. Province and romantic beaches of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. We fled to Metro Manila, a place sweltering with heat and filth, overcrowded with urban poor and a haven for infectious and contagious diseases. [read on]

Discrimination Against Women Migrants in Bangladesh

by Ms. Monika Biswas,
former SCM Bangladesh Women Coordinators
and 2nd Vice Chairperson, Bangladesh SCM

Migration is a common scenario in third world countries, including Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, women works in the garment, domestic and industrial sectors.

Nari poacher, also known as trafficking of women, has attracted tremendous amount of attention from the Bangladeshi media and civil society groups during recent years. Sources state that as many as fifty women and children are reportedly taken out of Bangladesh every day, and sold into forced prostitution, organ trade or slave labor. All this media attention has prompted the Bangladeshi authorities to enact restrictions, often an outright ban, on the international migration of women. [read on]

Who Will The Church Journey With?
A letter to a friend, penned by a LGBTIQ activist from Taiwan

It was a gloomy weather on the day the Gay Pride Parade was supposed to take place*. I have been worried that this long-awaited event would be unexpectedly disrupted by the potentially bad weather. I held a silent prayer requesting for cool yet not rainy sky for such is an ideal weather to enable a comfortable march without the perspiration that would make me feeling exhausted all over.

I did go to the parade even though I was harbouring a fever for the past three days. My heart longed not only for the weather to stabilise but also my physical body to become well again so that I could finish the march along with everyone, without much trouble. How about you? What were your observations on the day’s event and the march? What are some of your reflections? [read on]

S C M e r ’ s   D i a r y

The Post-80s Movement

A Value War

by Jeremy Chu

In the past two years, there’s an ambiguous term called “Post-80s” arisen in the Hong Kong society. I call it ambiguous because there are at least two distinctive meanings for the term. First, it seems to refer to all young people born in the 80s, this is exactly how the mainstream media is using it. However, the gang who uses the term to self-nominate seems to have a different view on its meaning. As a member of the society, we see that the mainstream churches appear to be confused about this growing “Post-80s Movement”. Hence, SCM Hong Kong launched the “Post-80s Self-Research Program”. [read on]

An Ecumenical Encounter with the Global Christian Forum (GCF) Asia Regional Meeting

A Reflection by Yustin Pasaribu,
WSCF AP Chairperson
Yustin Pasaribu

From November 12-16, 2010, 60 participants from 19 Asian countries gathered at Choi Jasil Memorial near Seoul, Korea for the Asia Regional Meeting on the Global Christian Forum.

They represented national Councils of Churches and Christian Councils, National Catholic Bishops’ Conferences, National Evangelical and Pentecostal Alliances and Fellowships, Regional Ecumenical, Catholic, Evangelical and Pentecostal Bodies, and Churches. The meeting was held on the premises of the Fasting Prayer Mountain of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul. [read on]

Living Simply, Living Collectively
My Reflection on the WSCF AP’s 19th RCM

by EechiaEechia

“I’m inviting you to participate as an observer to come and learn more about the SCM,” said Necta, the Regional Secretary of World Students Christian Federation, Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP).

Such was the welcoming words of Necta as I joined the 19th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) last July. Indeed, my perspectives had widened as I learned more about the life of the Student Christian Movements (SCM), of how our faith can be transformed into action, throughout my 7-day stay with the wonderful people from all over the Asia-Pacific region, in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. [read on]

On the 54th UN Commission on the Status on Women

by Monika Biswas, SCM BangladeshMonika Biswas

Participating in the 54th United Nations Commission on the Status on Women (UNCSW) was a unique experience The First World Conference on Women, almost thirty-five years ago, promoted the vision of “equality, development and peace” as a guide for enhanced global, regional and national actions to advance the status of women. In Copenhagen and Nairobi, commitments to women’s rights continued to be articulated. The adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action for Equality, Development and Peace was, then, a consolidation of previous efforts to link the issues and major obstacles for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women. [read on]

I n   M e m o r i a m

In Memory of Sam: Sithipong ‘Sam’ Kaleyanee
His Involvement in the Life of the WSCF Asia-Pacific (1984-1988, 2009)

Sithipong ‘Sam’ KaleyaneeSithipong was a very young student when he first came for the WSCF AP Human Resource Development (HRD) Program 1984 in New Dehli, India. Following this program, Sam joined thousand other young people who came to India for the First Asia Youth Assembly (AYA) in New Delhi. Inspired by this experience, Sam returned to Thailand with renewed commitment to rebuild the Student Christian Movement (SCM). He became the representative of SCM Thailand in the WSCF Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) and the WSCF General Assembly in Mexico in 1986. [read on]

In Memoriam of Prof. Kentaro Shiuzuki
WSCF East Asia Secretary from 1957 to 1970

Prof. Kentaro ShiuzukiOn July 9, 2010, Professor Kentaro Shiuzuki died in Tokyo, Japan due to pneumonia at age 86. This article was prepared by the Asia-Pacific Regional Office through the help of SCM Japan senior friends in memory and tribute to Dr. Kentaro Shiuzuki. He is survived by his wife of 53 years Tomoko and his son Isaku, both living in Japan.

Professor Kentaro Shiuzuki was born on the 21st of February 1924 in Japan to Toshie and Kesato Shiuzuki. At the young age of 19, Kentaro met a Methodist pastor in Japan who introduced him Christianity. [read on]

Maida Coaldrake
ASCM Senior Friend

Maida CoaldrakeMaida Coaldrake is an ASCM Senior Friend who was born in 1919 and died on 31 January 2010.

Maida undertook tertiary study in Tasmania at a when it was unusual for women to pursue an academic career.

She was one of only five full-time female students at the University of Tasmania in 1937 and was editor of the University of Tasmania’s Togatus. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, she moved to Melbourne to research her masters thesis on Tasmania’s role in the constitutional movement. [read on]

WSCF tribute to Dr. Feliciano V. Cariño

Dr. Feliciano V. Cariño, 1935 to 2005The passing away of Dr. Feliciano V. Cariño is a great loss to the Ecumenical Movement in general and to the World Student Christian Federation in particular.

Fely was initiated into the Ecumenical Movement through his involvement in the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines in the1960's. He was an organizing secretary then Chairperson of SCMP. As a student when he represented SCMP at WSCF events he made a big impression on the federation's leadership with his perceptive analytical skills. [read on]

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