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WSCF AP Launch Network of Student
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WSCF AP Launch NESCAPApril 19, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The WSCF and SCM Senior Friends Gathering was held on 19th April 2010 during the 13th General Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The purpose of this gathering was an initiative by the WSCF AP to bring together the senior friends and students who were attending the CCA assembly for a time of fellowship and also to share the life and work of the WSCF AP. in addition to this the gathering was also an opportunity to launch the Network of Student Christian Movements Senior Friends in the Asia-Pacific Region (NESCAP). 40 senior friends and students attended the event.

WSCF AP Launch NESCAPWith the limited time available for the Gathering, the brief program was moderated by Immanuel Kitnan, WSCF ExCo member from Sri Lanka. After a brief introduction by the participants, Necta Montes and Sunita Suna, WSCF AP staff shared the current situation and the ongoing programmes and activities of WSCF AP. This was followed by a sharing from David Das, senior friend from SCM Bangladesh on their experience of forming the senior friend group called, “SANGKO” or bridge in Bangla. He added that SANGKO, although newly formed, has initiated activities aimed at supporting the work of the current SCM and creating a platform for senior friends to regularly meet and support each other. SANGKO’s future plan includes the construction of an SCM Development Center that will provide space for the SCM office and activities and lodging for SCM students coming from the provinces who are studying in Dhaka.

Philip Mathew, senior friend from SCM India, who is also part of the Gathering’s Coordinating Committee shared the concept of NESCAP and asked the group to discuss on suggestions of how it can be structured and plans for possible action in the next six months.

The larger groups were divided into 4 smaller groups and shared the following points:

After the sharing, the NESCAP was concluded with a small worship prepared for the Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2010, led by the students.

As a follow up, WSCF AP has created named “Network of SCM Senior Friends in Asia-Pacific (NESCAP)” on facebook. Please join!