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your young people will see vision.

An Appeal to our
Appeal brochure - outer spreadSCM and WSCF
Senior Friends

Why an Appeal?

Many of us have had unforgettable experiences in the SCMs and WSCF. I’m sure that you will agree that we have gained so much from our involvement in the SCM and WSCF and have brought about meaningful
changes in our own lives.

Appeal brochure - inner spreadIt has opened up our young minds to new perspective and viewpoints. It has provided us a unique space to challenge each other and make meaningful contributions in our societies. Most of all, we gained friends and comrades from far away places, many of whom have become lifetime friends, comrades and partners in life.

Because you believe that the same experience is worth sharing to the younger generation, and you believe that the vision of the SCMs and WSCF continues to inspire many young people today.

Purpose of the Appeal?

Here are some of the reasons that continue to inspire many young people from all over.

The purpose of this Appeal is to support the projects and to help sustain the work of the national movements in 17 countries, where there are SCM still active and contributing in their own way.

SCMs in action

Where will the contribution go?

With your support, you can encourage and help the young SCMers to realize their plans and activities in their countries. The amount will be collected annually and distributed equally to all the national movements. You can also indicate where you want your support to go.

How to contribute?

  1. You can send a cheque in favor to the
    World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region

    to the following address:

    WSCF AP Office
    Unit 1-2, 18/F
    280 Portland Street Commercial Building,
    Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  2. Deposit money to:

    World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)
    Account No: 283-7-716485
    Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
    Mongkok Branch
    677 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Swift Code: HASE HKHH


Support the SCM, support the future!

On behalf of the national movements,

Necta Montes Rocas
Regional Secretary
WSCF AP Region


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