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1st Financial Supporting Group (FSG) Meeting

March 17 to 18, 2003
WSCF AP Office, Hong Kong



Fung Chi Wood (Hong Kong) – Convenor Elect
Georgia Yam (Australia) – Vice-Convenor Elect
Taku Kumakiri (Japan) – Member-at-large
Lee Joon Mo (Korea) – Member-at-large
Stephen Hsu (Taiwan) – Standing Committee Chairperson
P. Vinay Kumar (India) – ExCo Member
Shin Seung Min (Korea) – Regional Secretary
Wong Yock Leng (Singapore) – Regional Women’s Coordinator


Monday, 17 March 2003

Morning Session 9:30-12:30

Afternoon Session 14:30-18:00

The afternoon session started with brain-storming on the role of the FSG, and the following suggestions weremade:

The following short-term goals of the FSG were decided.

As for the long-term goals of the FSG, the following ideas were suggested:

The FSG members shared their strategy for fund-raising in their respective SCMs.

Korea SCM (KSCF)

Individual contact with particular friends to request funds for the current generation.

Taiwan SCM

Half of the national budget comes from friends who donate to different levels of the movement. To ask them to donate to the regional level is too far removed for them so perhaps ask them to donate half and half to the region and the national movement.

Australia SCM (ASCM)

The appeals are already made to friends. So the ASCM is reluctant to ask senior friends for more money. However, the appeals for WSCF AP will be made to more churches and ecumenical bodies.

Hong Kong SCM (HKSCM)

HKSCM will try to have a senior friends gathering. Current students are not so motivated and it is difficult to arrange events for the senior friends. The age gap between the senior friends and the current generation makes things difficult.

Japan SCM

The Student YMCA organized the senior friends supporting group three years ago. This group donates more than US$15,000 every year. This money is used for the national program and national staff. USD 1,000 is for the IRO. But it is not possible to use this money for WSCF Asia-Pacific FSG purpose. Taku will mobilize fundraising for WSCF AP through organizing a new group of senior friends who attended regional programs in the past.

The Other Movements in the Region

There was a suggestion that the FSG could play an important role in mobilizing SCM Friends Network

SCM Friends Network



How the FSG will operate

Terms of Reference

Sending money to WSCF AP

After the meeting


Tuesday, 18 March 2003

Morning Session 9:40-11:00

We discussed again some of the details discussed on Monday for the purposes of clarification of information and particulars in our own minds. The next meeting will be held in Chiangmai just before the GA of the Federation. And the meeting was closed with a prayer.

Terms of Reference

(20 March 2003)