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Regional Programme

Joint Women’s Programme:
RWP - Myanmar SCM

"Women and Men in Partnership
for Empowerment in the Challenging World"

Regional Women’s Programme – SCM Myanmar Joint Women’s ProgrammeJune 22-26, 2010
Yangon, Myanmar

The WSCF AP RWP JWP was organized by the SCM Myanmar on the theme “Women and Men in Partnership for empowerment in the Challenging World”. The programme was held from June 22-26, 2010 at the Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC) in Yangon, Myanmar. Around 40 women and men student members attended the programme from different branches of SCM Myanmar.

The objectives of the programme were: to empower young women and men for ecumenical leadership in their communities; to develop biblical and theological reflections from feminist perspectives; to encourage and promote partnership of women and men to respect God’s creation; to reflect and respond on contemporary women issues. The content of the 5 days programme consisted of the following topics; bible studies from feminist perspectives and partnership, understanding SCM and Ecumenism, women and men’s identity in the challenging world, partnership for empowerment, and challenges of women in different leadership positions. Nan Phyu Phyu Lin, Kaythi Min Din, Daw Yin Yin Maw, Sunita Suna, Tun Tun and Chaw Chaw were there to facilitate the different sessions.

Nan Phyu Phyu Lin from Care International, conducted the session on partnership for empowerment through various community based games. Her games and different exercises helped the participants to understand the existing discrimination between women and men in different institutions and communities. She made them realize that the role of partnership is significant in order to continue our work especially within SCM. Yin Yin Maw, director of the Mothers Union of Anglican Church of Myanmar, and the chairperson of the Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC) shared her challenges in these positions as a woman. Chaw Chaw from the anti-trafficking department of the UN in Myanmar also shared her challenges in her position as the director. They tried to explain that though women are in the higher positions they still confront discrimination within the working places.

Sunita Suna the regional women’s coordinator of the WSCF AP facilitated the session on Women and Men’s identity in the Challenging world. She conducted various games and exercise to understand how women and men have been socialized into gender roles and how these social construction have shaped woman and man by the set expectations of society. She also explained how we can go beyond gender and understand the dynamics of our various identities based on our social locations and power relations and the need and importance of the model of partnership within SCMs. Beside these sessions there were bible studies from the feminist perspectives and partnership and reflections on SCM and Ecumenism.