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AWRC Holds Coordinating Team Meeting

AWRC Holds Coordinating Team MeetingMay 17-21, 2010
Jogjakarta, Indonesia

The Coordinating Team Members (CTM) of the Asian Women Resource Centre for Culture and Theology (AWRC) held its meeting in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, from May 17-21, 2010. The CTM is the policy/decision making body of AWRC which acts as the executive committee of the organization and meets once a year. This meeting was attended by the following members from different organizations in Asia: Hope S. Antone, Hisako Kinukawa, Yong Ting Jin, Anna Marsiana, Iswanti Suparma, Liza B. Lamis, Chung Sook Ja, Anshi Zachariah, and Sunita Suna.

The five days meeting shared, discussed and evaluated the ongoing activities of the AWRC. Reports were shared by the coordinators, working groups, publications secretary of the activities of the AWRC. Sunita Suna briefly shared about the Regional Women’s Programs of WSCF AP. The Regional Women’s Coordinator of WSCF AP region is co-opted as voting member of the AWRC. While upholding many positive outcome of the activities of AWRC like the regular publications of the journal In God’s Image o IGI, and module books and programmes on Young Women Doing Theology, the members also recognize that the organization is confronted with many challenges, one of which is sustaining the financial support for the proposed activities. After the members reflected on these challenges, they were able to plan for the programme and proposed a budget for the year 2011-2013.

The CTM also selected the following members for the Working Group Committee to work closely with AWRC newly appointed Coordinator, Anna Marsiana. They are, Hisako Kinukawa, Yong Ting Jin, and Iswanti Suparma. During the CTM the members also gave tribute to Malini Devananda, a feminist theologian from Sri Lanka, who was a member of CTM and the Working Group. Malini Devananda died in April 2010 from an illness.

Asian Women’s Resource Center for Culture and Theology (AWRC) is an organization of women and women’s organizations in Asia who are engaged in promoting Asian women’s theologising.