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Regional Programme

Feminist Critical Analysis through Re-reading
the Bible from the Feminist Perspectives

Re-reading the Bible from the Feminist Perspectives
Feminist theologian Yong Tin Jin from Malaysia was one of
those who facilitated the session during the RWC meeting.

March 11-13, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

This workshop was held from March 11-13, 2009 at the Bangkok Christian Guest house just before the Regional Women’s Committee. The members of the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) were the participants of this workshop. The intention of this workshop just before the RWC is to help the members to develop perspectives and guide them to envision the future women’s programmes. The contents of the workshop were: forming perspectives and develop feminist critical analysis framework, and looking at gender for the purpose of going beyond gender analysis etc. Bible studies were done using critical feminist hermeneutics. Yong Ting Jin the feminist theologian was there to facilitate these sessions.

All the sessions were conducted by various exercises and active participation of the group. And the participants themselves were able to identify the issues/problems and root causes of the violence against women when they did an analysis of stories on VAW depicted in the news papers. It was realized to develop the tools for analysis which is more wholistic. The need of going beyond gender analysis and include the intersectionality problem while doing the critical feminist analysis.

There were two Bible studies conducted on the texts Luke 10:38-42, and Mark 5:21-43. The method of reading the Bible together was quite insightful to discover the important roles of Mary and Martha in Jesus’ movement and their leadership roles in the house church. Even in the 2nd Bible Study it was an eye opening to read the text from the perspective of the hemorrhage woman and understand the relations of power and authority. The group realized that our mindset or frame of thinking is also based on patriarchy and androcentrism.

Hence it is important to develop the critical feminist analysis an alternative analysis for liberation and transformation of “self” and society/structure.