World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme
Regional Women’s Program (RWP)

Programs for 2008


WSCF-SCM Pakistan Joint Women’s Program

March 6 to 8
Lahore, Pakistan

This Programme will be hosted by SCM Pakistan on the theme Women and Men in Partnership. 30 young women and men from SCM Pakistan will participate in the said programme. The intent of the programme is to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To ensure leadership and participation of young women in all levels and aspects of Church/student work from analytical approach to decision making and implementation process.
  • To challenge and transform attitudes, structures and system in Church that limit young women’s participation and leadership
  • To highlight the issues concerning women’s exploitation and oppression.
  • To project a vision having a new society contributing the development and promotion of theology and cultural values from women’s perspectives.
  • To focus young women’s concerns at national and local level and prioritize the struggle of young women against socio-political and economic violence.
  • To study women’s role for uplifting justice and peace.

WSCF Sub-regional Women’s Program

South Asia

This is a 5 days programme will focus on the thematic area of Women in war & Conflict situation, HIV/AIDS and Poverty. 15 young women from the national movements of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will participate for the programme. For details of this program, you can contact, Sunita Suna, WSCF AP Regional Women’s Program Coordinator.

The Sub-Regional Women’s Programmes are aimed to address the challenging concerns women are confronted within the sub region in today’s context, i.e. the emerging trends of migration, trafficking, women in war and conflict situation, prostitution, HIV/AIDS and poverty, women’s sexuality etc. These issues/challenges in the sub regions are similar and interlinked to each other. Hence this programme would create a platform for the women in the sub regions to expose the realities and create awareness for critical analysis of the problem; share concerns from their regions, exchange ideas and plan of actions and forge networks with each other. This would also help the participants to discuss from a Christian faith perspectives. Besides, this programme would give an exposure and live in experience opportunity with the women experiencing these problems which are crucial for the WSCF women to relate with the grassroots women and understand the issues to critically analyze the emerging trends of women’s concerns and advocate on behalf of the voiceless.

Regional Women’s Internship Programme

June 2008
Bangkok, Thailand

One young woman from WSCF AP will be selected for the 3months Internship programme focusing on the issue of Migration and Trafficking. The main objectives of the Internship Programme are:

  • To provide the women SCMers an opportunity to enhance their skills and commitment towards women’s issues and rights;
  • Train women students and youth in developing knowledge and skills in the works of raising public awareness, advocacy, campaigning, networking and communication on women’s issues;
  • Transfer the learned and acquired knowledge and skills to other women students and youth in the SCMs, church groups, Non Government Organisation (NGO) and People’s Organisation (PO) in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Establish and strengthen women’s work and networking between the SCMs, churches and various NGOs and POs in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Strengthen the existing national women’s programme in the SCMs.

WSCF Women’s Sub-regional Program

Southeast Asia

This is a 5 days programme will focus on the thematic area of Women, Migration and Trafficking. 15 young women from the national movements of Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste would participate for the programme.

WSCF Sub-regional Women’s Program

Northeast Asia

This is a 5 days programme will focus on the thematic area of Gender Sensitivity workshop and women’s sexuality. 15 young women from the national movements of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, would participate in the programme.