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AWRC Young Women Doing Theology Workshop

“Life Stories in the Tension between Power and Empowerment”

AWRC Young Women Doing TheologyAugust 16-25, 2007
Tainan, Taiwan

The Regional Women’s Coordinator attended the above mentioned workshop organized by the Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology. The theme was “Life Stories in the Tension between Power and Empowerment” with a special focus on “Understanding My Body, My Self and My Faith from a Critical Feminist Perspective”.

31 women from Asian countries participated in the workshop. There were two workshops held—a three day preparatory orientation workshop was held from 17-19 on an introduction to Critical Feminist Theology of Liberation for the participants to prepare them for the main workshop. And the main workshop was held from 21-25. Feminist Theologian Lieve Troch from the Netherlands facilitated the two workshops.

The facilitator Lieve helped us to understand the difference between the Classical Theology and Contextual Theology. How we are socialized and ingrained to the readymade Classical theology and how it is affecting in our personal and professional life? In order to understand the Liberation theology, Lieve introduced an interesting and insightful method of Dance of Liberation and Transformation through systemic analysis of oppression. Here she explained six steps –

Certainly the workshop was/is a place for the women to share our own stories, struggles, challenges and hopes of our life. During the sessions of Sharing of Her Story—we tried to learn from each other’s experiences which was quite empowering. The Critical Feminist Theology of Liberation which is an eye opening experience helped to critically analyze ‘My Body’, ‘My Faith’—as a ‘self’ and ‘subject’. This led us into a journey of our lives from our child hood until now, how we feel and have accepted our self as woman. This process also helped us to name the forces, which controls us as woman at home, community, religious institutions, and society as a whole.

This was also a place to study the Bible together from the women’s perspectives, which was insightful and thought provoking.