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RWP - Taiwan SCMFebruary 3, 2006
Hsin-chu, Taiwan

Taiwan SCM (TSCM) Gender Working Group was formed soon after last year’s RWP-Taiwan SCM Joint Women’s Programme in August. Since then, the Core Members have been keeping their spirit and energy in planning programmes on women and gender issues, one of which is the Gender Workshop in the Bible Study Camp organised by the Higher Education Department of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT). This one-day Gender Workshop serves as a prelude to the next workshop that will be held for 4 days during the summer vacation.

The workshop attracted almost 80 women and men students. The session started first with women and men students viewing 4 popular Music TV (MTV) in Taiwan in which gender stereotypes were strongly depicted. Students were then divided into same gender groups and members of the Core Group facilitated an input that poses challenges to the Taiwanese media and its heavy influence over Taiwanese youth.

The Core Group will pick up responses by the students in this workshop to brainstorm on themes and topics for the next workshop in July. As it is, the Core Group has already started making concrete plans for the coming workshop. For more information, please visit the group’s blog at: