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Regional Programme

Joint Women’s Programme:
RWP - Taiwan SCM

“Women’s Image in Taiwanese Society”

August 15-19, 2005
Taipei, Taiwan

The RWP-Taiwan SCM Joint Women’s Programme took place from 15-19 August 2005 in Taipei. The theme was “Women’s Image in Taiwanese Society” and throughout the 5-day workshop, the 10 participants were challenged to reflecting on the roles and images of Taiwanese women from a feminist perspective.

The inputs include “Women’s Image in Taiwanese Society” by feminist advocate, Ms. Chi Hui-Jung, Executive Director of the Garden of Hope Foundation, “Gender and Sexuality Issues in Taiwan” by Ms. Yeh Ta-Hua, Executive Secretary of Taiwan Youth Association, “The New Woman of Taiwan”—a panel discussion by 2 activists from the Gender Equity Commission and the Long Shan Center for Women’s Rights & Welfare, a sub-division of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT).

There was also a theological reflection from women’s perspective by Rev. HumHum, an activist on aborigine and women’s issues. The one and half day of exposure covered NGOs that work on issues on Comfort Women, Gender Equity, Single Parenthood, and Different Sexual Orientation in Taiwan.

Apart from these formal inputs, the participants also spent a lot of time sharing and exchanging experiences, thoughts and reflection with each other in the evenings. The 5-day programme has created a deep impact on their awareness and consciousness level on women’s oppression and discrimination in the Taiwanese society, hence, at the end of the programme, a concrete plan of action to continue such awareness raising workshops, was developed.

The participants formed themselves into a working group to organise the thematic workshop on women and gender in the Taiwan SCM Bible Study Camp in February 2006, and to also work on the long-term plan to realise a regular TSCM Women’s Programme.