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Women Doing Theology 2002
international conference

Young women of 12 Asia-Pacific nations will be meeting from 1-10 September 2002 in Christchurch to discuss from a progressive Christian perspective the position of women in Asia-Pacific.

Tess Windle, the National Secretary of Student Christian Movement Aotearoa (SCMA), said “it is very exciting to be the host country for a World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) conference and we have worked hard to ensure that all the participants learn a lot from our speakers and from each other.”

At the conference will be representatives of the Student Christian Movements in Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Aotearoa New Zealand. The position of women in the societies of all these countries is different, but the conference will allow these young women to develop as analysers and eventually to become leaders in their own societies. For many it will be their first time outside their own countries and for most it will be their first visit to a Pacific country.

Topics will include critical analysis of the position of women in Biblical times, gender analysis of contemporary times, an introduction to biculturalism, women and leadership and creativity in Bible study and worship. Speakers include Penny Jamieson (Bishop of Dunedin), Dame Phyllis Guthardt (Chancellor of the University of Canterbury), Judith McKinley (Lecturer, University of Otago), Sylvia Akuloa Tongotongo (Resource person for New Zealand-born Pacific Islanders of the Methodist Church) and Tui Cadogan (Mercy Sister).

Background information

Women Doing Theology is a regular conference of the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF AP) and this is the first time that a WSCF AP programme has been held in Aotearoa New Zealand. WSCF is based in Geneva and is a federation of approximately 90 national SCMs, and has consultative status with the United Nations through ECOSOC (Cat. II) and with UNESCO (Cat. B.)

SCMA Aotearoa was founded in 1897 and is the oldest existing tertiary student group in the country. It is an ecumenical group and open to all people. In recent years it has been controversial for advocating for the rights of bisexual, lesbian, gay and transgendered people in society and in the church.

Contact point:

Tess Windle
National Secretary SCM Aotearoa
Mobile: 021 1329946

The conference will be taking place at
the Old Vicarage, Teddington Road, Governors Bay, Banks Peninsula – 03 329 9639

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