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Regional Programme

School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) 2011

Proposed date and venue: to be finalized by the Standing Committee

The SELF is a response to what was seen as a gap in the development of ecumenical leadership formation. It hopes to re-examine the causes of weakening and re-develop the scope of ecumenical leadership. As bi-annual leadership development project, the SELF targets frontline leaders of the SCM such as staff and officers aged between 22 to 35. SELF is an intensive 3-week program and an effective venue to train young ecumenist working closely with young people in the different parts of Asia and the Pacific. To date, we have trained more than 100 young leaders through the SELF Program, many of them are now actively working in their local churches, ecumenical institutions, NGOs and national movements and engaged in various ministries and programs. WSCF is confident that through the SELF program, we were able to contribute young leaders who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and principles in working with people of other faith and the vision of the ecumenical movement.

Generally, SELF seeks to enable participants to:

  • Sharpen their awareness and analysis of the social, political and economic setting of the world in the context of Asian Pacific societies and challenge to the churches through sharing of experiences, exposure, studies and reflections.
  • Articulate the biblical and theological perspectives on the global burning issues such as globalization, militarization/war on terror, justice, peace, ecology, feminism, etc.
  • Trace the history of ecumenical movement in the national, regional and global levels, identifying convergence, challenges and possibilities.
  • Search alternative approach to communicate and advocate ecumenical witness among students and youth in the concrete life of the peoples.
  • Strengthen each other in their ecumenical journey and aspiration.
  • Develop leadership skills, movement organizing skills and approaches to work with students and young people.