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Regional Programme

Student Empowerment for Transformation (SET) 2010 on Climate Justice

Sri Lanka
Deadline of Application: July

“Climate Change” is an issue of international justice as well as inter-generational justice. Young people are called to respond to the environmental crisis in a sustained way and with a new paradigm. The call for “Climate Justice”, emphasizes the role of personal individual changes in consumption patterns and practices, but put in perspective the question of Economic Justice as central in moving forward with global environmental challenge. The rich of the world, through promotion of the neo-liberal economic model, have been and continue to be responsible for the vast majority of emissions causing human-produced climate change, while millions of people in poor countries continue to suffer from the lack of basic necessities, such as food and water for a decent quality of life. Over-consumption of the rich and poverty of the poor must both be eliminated to ensure quality of life for all.

Young people and the future generations will inherit the Earth, we are committed to engaging people in the churches and universities to take the challenge of “Climate Justice” as central in our ecumenical witness in today’s world. It is within this framework that this SET Training Camp is being proposed. The program will run for 10 days. The SET aims to address the need to sustain awareness and education on the ecological concerns and climate justice among young people in the churches and schools in 18 countries in Asia Pacific. We believe that it is important for young people to be exposed to various ways in which their organizations and communities can be involved in environmental advocacy by doing concrete and meaningful programs and activities to sustain the work on Climate Justice.