World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

An outline of the SELF module

Module 1: Orientation

Aims: To be able to introduce participants themselves and have a sense of being part of the group. Understanding the background and the organizers and to start building community.

Module 2: Defining our times

Aims: To have more critical understanding about the reality of Asian plurality and the dynamic and complexity of such context.

Module 3: Reading the signs of the times

Aims: This is an intensive study module to clarify current theological positions dealing with the context of Asia. The participants will have acquired a strong theoretical as well as theological base. It also aims to challenge participants to doing theology in context.

Module 4: The ecumenical movement

Aims: To understand and challenge the prevalent practices and ideology in the ecumenical movement in Asia and worldwide as well. Participants are also expected to be aware of the different trends of movement in Asia

Module 5: Communicating the ecumenical vision to the students and youth

Aims: To set guiding principles for promoting ecumenical vision to the students and youth and experiment the different forms of building and strengthening this communication in order to “act locally”.

Module 6: Reflexive Learning

Aims: To wrap up this extended training program by reflections on what the participants have learned and to suggest ways to moving forward in challenging the ecumenical movement, be it local, regional and global.