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School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation 2003

25 March 2003

To: All movements From: WSCF AP regional office
Re: Invitation to the SELF 2003

Dear Friend,

Greetings from WSCF AP!

I am happy to invite you to SELF 2003 which will be held in S. Korea from Sept. 14 to Oct. 12, 2003. In 2001 the WSCF AP and Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) Youth desk successfully organized the first SELF in Thailand. Due to the 33rd General Assembly preparation, the 2003 SELF will not be jointly organized with CCA. However, both WSCF AP and CCA agreed that the SELF 2005 should be joint effort in order to reaffirm ecumenical solidarity.

At this moment, I would like to share with you some of important guidelines of the SELF 2003 as follows:


For a long time, the WSCF has actively involved and contributed to ecumenical movement through producing the much needed leadership in continuing and fulfilling the spirit of ecumenism. The importance of upholding ecumenism could be seen in its relation to holistic and encompassing attitudes embraced by the elements of a Christian faith, that is, peace, love, justice, freedom and equality. Should ecumenism be perceived as a redundant element in the Christian faith, the possibility of a surge in religious fundamentalism would likely to be on the rise.

Hence WSCF believes in the importance to uphold ecumenism through the tradition of producing ecumenical leadership in movement. However, this tradition is seen to be weakening at the present moment due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that the ecumenical student and youth organizations are unable to provide a challenging platform for the young people to receive the appropriate training, knowledge, skills and network to improve themselves as qualified ecumenical leaders.

It is without doubt that the void in ecumenical leadership would definitely weaken the ecumenical movement and could even cause the possible breakdown of the whole movement.

Thus, it is in this light that the idea of the SELF was jointly developed by WSCF AP region and CCA Youth desk.

The SELF is a response to what was seen as a lacking in ecumenical leadership. It hopes to re-examine the causes of weakening and re-develop the scope of ecumenical leadership.

The first SELF was organized in July, 2001 inviting 28 participants from the region. As bi-annual leadership development project, the SELF targets second-line leaders aged between 24-30.


Generally, the SELF seeks to enable participants to:

Profile of participants

The participants for this program are SCM second-line leaders between the age of 24 and 30, with a strong background in the SCM activities. This program is designed especially for SCM staff or senior friends. For student training, our region has a different program called “SET”. Therefore, I strongly encourage each movement to send appropriate participants according to the objectives of the SELF.

Please find the enclosed nomination form of the SELF 2003 and select two candidates both male and female. The regional office will choose one of them considering gender balance of whole participants.

The deadline for the nomination is July 10th, 2003, because all participants need at least 2 months’ preparation period.

Arrival and departure

Sunday the 14 of September is the day of arrival and Sunday the 12 October is the day of departure. Please book your ticket accordingly to and from Incheon, international airport, S. Korea.

Please also stick to these dates as there will be no arrangement for accommodation in case of early arrival and late departure.


A draft timetable is enclosed with this letter. The participants should be present for the whole program.

Local host committee

The local host committee is composed of the Korean SCM (KSCF) members. The contact person will be Rev. Lee Kwang Il, General Secretary of the KSCF, whose address is KSCF, 5th Floor, Korean Christan Bldg., 136-46 Yunchi-dong, Jongro-ku, Seoul, Korea. You can use this name and address as local guarantor when you apply for tourist visa.

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the SELF will be US$50. As we want to make sure that the participation fee is not the obstacle for the participants, therefore, the regional office requires the related SCMs to pay for this participation fee.

Travel Subsidies and Reimbursement

Please refer to the following travel subsidy policy revised in the 2003 Standing Committee:

Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore – 70% of whole airfare will be subsidized by the AP office.

The rest of SCMs – 95% of whole airfare will be subsidized by the AP office.

Travel expenses are only reimbursed of the presentation of a copy of all travel documents and receipts. Please prepare this copy beforehand. Please ensure bookings are made at the cheapest fare and send the quotations to the AP office. Do not issue any tickets prior to the confirmation from the AP office.


Seoul, S. Korea – The exact address of the venue will be notified later.

Visa/invitation arrangements

All of you need a visa to S. Korea for 30 days. Please contact the visa granting authorities in your country immediately about the procedures. Please apply for a tourist visa as far as possible. Those countries in North East Asia and Pacific do not need any documents from the host country. However, countries in South East/South Asia might be difficult to apply for a tourist visa, for those countries the KSCF will send you the official invitation letter and the KSCF will try their best to assist visa process.


It will be rather chilly and dry in Seoul, around 10-18 degree Celsius. And you will go to rural areas for exposure where the weather will be rather cool. Bring along with you thick jackets and umbrella.

Preparatory Documents

Another mail which contains the reading materials will be sent to the participant by mid July.          

Other logistics

Please prepare and bring along with you Bible, medicines, musical instruments, national customs, snacks, drinks, movement posters or anything you would like to share about your countries and movements.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Shin, Seung Min
Regional Secretary 

Enclosed: SELF Module