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Regional Programme


September 14 to October 8, 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

The Programme

The School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation 2003 (SELF) programme was held in the Bangkok Christian Guesthouse, Thailand from 14 September - 8 October 2003. 13 SCM staff and ExCo members from the National Movements of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Aotearoa New Zealand, participated in this 25-day leadership training programme which is held once every two years.

The SELF programme is specially designed to train frontier leaders in areas of very specific concerns on the current social realities that are facing the world today. Throughout several sessions, the SELF 2003 participants could articulate their views on peace, human rights, globalisation, economic justice, feminism, ecology, ecumenical movement, and inter-religious dialogue. Particularly, Dr. Nallunakal’s keynote presentation well addressed the issue of peace and co-existence in the pluralistic Asian context as he interpreted the Trinity from the perspective of “Social Trinity”. There was also a six-day exposure programme in the different areas of Thailand that enabled the participants to reflect their learning in the concrete grass-roots context.

At the end of all the inputs and presentations, the participants were required to relate and connect all they have learned to a national project which could and would be organised in their own SCM. The national projects include:

  1. Training Project for Ecumenical Youth Empowerment
  2. Initiating inter-faith and inter-religious dialogue
  3. Gender Sensitivity Programmes
  4. Conducting projects towards social just and peace

The Asia-Pacific office will publish the SELF 2003 resource book in January, 2004.