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Regional Programme

HRJP Programs for 2013

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HRJP Water Campaign Resource Material

HRJP Water Campaign Resource MaterialDiscussion Paper, General Information
and Bible Study

The Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee of WSCF Asia-Pacific region have prepared a resource material on Water Justice Campaign for the SCMs. This was also an act to join hands with the global advocacy campaign in 2011 in regards to water and what it means for us as Christian students. The resource materials is a compilation of Introduction to the Water Campaign, Water and Human Rights, MDGs, Theological understanding and reflections, stories from young people from AP region, and call to action. [read on]

HRJP Trainers Training 2011
“Militarization and Just Peace in Asia-Pacific”

November 1-8, 2011
Seoul, Korea
HRJP Trainers Training 2011

From November 1 to 8, 2011, the WSCF AP HRJP Workshop and Human Rights Trainers Training was conducted at the Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea (PROK) Academy House in Seoul, Korea, hosted by the Korean Student Christian Federation (KSCF). [read on]


HRJP Committee Meeting

July 1-7, 2011
Manila, Philippines
Members of the WSCF AP HRJP Committee

Coming from different parts of Asia-Pacific, representatives from each sub-region of the WSCF AP came together for the first time in-person to form the Human Rights, Justice and Peace (HRJP) Committee of the WSCF AP from July 1-7, 2011 in the Philippines. The HRJP committee was an offshoot of the recommendations of the former working group on Human Rights since 2006 and was formally formed as HRJP Committee in the RCM 2008 in the AP by-laws. [read on]

HRJP Programme 2011

The HRJP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To raise and deepen awareness on human rights, justice and peace issues among Christian young people in 18 countries in Asia-Pacific through education and awareness-raising activities at the regional level;
  2. To provide venue for Christian young people to engage in theological reflection on the issues of human rights, justice and peace and to deepen the meaning of Christian Faith, witness and service; [read on]
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HRJP Workshop 2010
on Civil and Political Rights

HRJP Workshop 2010October 9-15, 2010
Wu Kwai Sha, Hong Kong SAR

The Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP) Workshop on Civil and Political Rights was held from October 9 to 15, 2010 at the Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, Hong Kong, SAR. In general, the HRJP Workshop aims to mobilize Christian youth to work for human rights, justice and peace in Asia-Pacific countries by providing them the faith motivation, knowledge, skills and framework of analysis for human rights, justice and peace advocacy work. [read on]

Workshop Statement

HRJP Report 2010

Anti-Express-railway Campaign in Hong KongIn 2010, WSCF Human Rights Advocacy and Campaign focused on national issues as a reflection of the growing capacity of the national SCMs to engage in actual advocacy work, such as the release of the 43 illegally arrested health workers in the Philippines, the Anti-POSCO Campaign in India, and the Anti-high speed railway campaign in Hong Kong. In our Annual Report, we feature the work of SCM Philippines, SCM India and SCM Hong Kong in responding to local human right issues. [read on]

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HRJP Workshop 2009
“Called to be God’s Instruments of Peace and Reconciliation”

HRJP Workshop 2009July 12-18, 2009
Savar, Dhaka Bangladesh

The WSCF AP HRJP Workshop with the theme, “Called to be God’s Instruments of Peace and Reconciliation” was held from July 12 to 18, 2009 at the Hope Training Center in Savar, Dhaka Bangladesh. The Workshop was attended by 30 participants from 12 member movements of WSCF AP and representatives from network members of EASYNet Bangladesh. [read on]

Concept paper

HRJP Workshop 2009Countries in South Asia have recently been highlighted in the global arena due to the conflict and violent situations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The ethnic conflicts, civil wars, communal and political violence have rendered the region in an unstable situation, where almost daily occurrences of bombings, violent assaults have dominated the global media reportage. [read on]

HRJP Report 2009

Human Rights, Justice and Peace Advocacy WorkIn 2009, the Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP) Committee continued its work and composition was reconstituted, replacing former members, who served for two years, with new representatives from their movements. Committee members from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia were replaced with new representatives, who are Human Rights Desk Coordinators of their national SCMs. [read on]

Programs for 2009

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Reflections on the Human Rights and Solidarity Program 2008

HRSPWSCF AP’s HRSP continues to be one of its strongest program enabling Christian students to contribute in the effort to protect and respect the dignity and human rights of all people. Specifically, the program aims to provide the SCMs in the Asia-Pacific regions with Human Right education to enhance their participation towards human rights and peace advocacy, gender justice work and strengthen their capacity to respond to human rights solidarity work. [read on]

The International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR)

IAMROctober 28-30, 2008
Manila, Philippines

The International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR) was held on 28th-30th October at the Bay view Hotel, Manila. Around 180 delegates from different parts of the world attended the assembly. The theme of the International Assembly was – “Migrants Challenge to the GFMD: End poverty, ensure jobs at home, stop forced migration! Uphold and Protect the rights of Migrants and Refugees! [read on]

WSCF AP Women Join Actions and Forums in IAMR against GFMD

IAMROctober 28-31, 2008
Manila, Philippines

WSCF AP women joined fellow youth, migrants and migrant advocates all over the world in actions and discussions at the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR) on October 28-31, 2008.

No to GFMDThe IAMR, held as alternative to the 2nd Global Forum on Migration and Development, criticized the latter’s neo-liberal framework of liberalization, deregulation and privatization, exploiting the desperation of the poor peoples of the world to move out of their countries for economic survival. It is spearheaded by the newly formed grassroots migrant organization International Migrants Alliance (IMA). [read on]

HRJP Workshop 2008
"Youth, Migration and Human Trafficking"

Human Rights Workshop on Internally Displaced, Migration and Trafficking 2008June 2-10, 2008
Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

The WSCF AP Human Rights Workshop on the theme, ‘Youth, Migration and Human Trafficking’ was held from 2-10 of June 2008 in Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia hosted by SCM Indonesia (GMKI). It gathered together 30 young people who are Human Rights officers or Coordinators of the SCMs in Asia-Pacific to learn and share about the social, cultural, gendered, political, religious and economic problems concerning ‘forced’ migration and human trafficking. [read on]

Workshop Statement

WSCF AP Human Rights Committee Planning Workshop

Planning WorkshopFebruary 21 to 26, 2008
Bangkok, Thailand

The first face-to-face meeting of the WSCF AP Human Rights Committee was held from February 21 to 26, 2008 at the Student Christian Center (SCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. It had the following objectives: [read on]

Programs for 2008

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International Youth Solidarity Mission (IYSM)

IYSMJune 24-28, 2007
Manila, Philippines

IYSMFrom the 22nd to the 28th 2007, the participants from the HRD reformed ourselves into the International Youth Solidarity Mission in solidarity with the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific; Student Christian Movement of the Philippines and the Tanggulan Youth Network for Civil Liberties and Human Rights. In particular part of the program we broke into two exposure trip groups travelling to Central Luzon and Bicol regions. [read on]

First Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Training for Students, 2007

HRD 2007June 18-23, 2007
Manila, Philippines

The WSCF AP first Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Training for Students was conducted from June 18 to 23, 2007 at the La Verne Mercado Ecumenical Center located at the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), Quezon City, Philippines. It was attended by 28 young people from the following countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. [read on]

Programs for 2007

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Human Rights and Solidarity Workshop 2006
"Human Rights, Poverty and Conflict"

Participants pose in front of the workshop venue.September 2-22, 2006
Medan and Parapat, Indonesia

The Human Rights Solidarity Workshop 2006 with the theme Poverty and Conflict was conducted last September 2 to 12, 2006 in Medan and Parapat, North Sumatra, Indonesia, and attended by 30 youth and students from WSCF AP member movements in Asia and the Pacific namely, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. [read on]

Workshop Statement

Formation of the WSCF AP Human Rights Committee

In July 2006, the WSCF Regional Committee formed the first WSCF AP Human Rights Committee to specifically focus on providing the support and direction for the Human Rights Programme and human rights campaigns and actions alerts from the national movements. Its tasks and responsibilities include the following: [read on]

Human Rights Internship Programme 2006
Melva Elfrida Sihombing (GMKI) in the Philippines and Hong Kong

Melva Elfrida SihombingAfter a thorough search and application process, WSCF AP selected Ms. Melva Elfrida Sihombing, a member of SCM Indonesia (GMKI). Melva’s programme included a one-and-a-half-month program in the Philippines and one-and-a-half-month internship in WSCF AP’s regional office in Hong Kong. The following is Melva’s reflection/report of her time in the Philippines. [read on]

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Action Week Against WTO

Action Week Against WTODecember 8-18, 2005
Hong Kong

The World Trade Organization has been one of the most decisive and influen tial organizations in realizing neoliberal restructuring of the world’s economy. In its ten years of existence, the WTO has resulted in the wide scale removal of protective barriers to international trade such as import bans, import quotas, tariffs and so on. [read on]

Human Rights and Solidarity Working Group Meeting

Human Rights and Solidarity Working Group MeetingJune 30 to July 2, 2005
Bangkok, Thailand

The idea of forming a Human Rights and Solidarity Working Group was inspired by the growing need to further develop and strengthened our human rights advocacies as the Asia-Pacific region is confronted by escalating war and globalisation that has continued to widen the gap between the rich and the poor creating immeasurable injustices in our society. [read on]

Human Rights and Peace Internship 2005
Carlo Bacwaden (SCMP) with DAGA in Hong Kong

Human Rights and Peace internship is one of the WSCF AP’s programs to produced much needed human rights experts for the SCMs in the national and regional level. It is always expected that the interns will return back to their respective national movement to share what he learned from the program by contributing in their movement’s local work and to spark an interest for our SCM to contribute in the ecumenical movement as a whole by becoming future leaders. [read on]

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WSCF AP Human Rights and Peace Internship 2004
Background and objectives

The liberalization of economy in Asia-Pacific region, otherwise known as globalization has greatly affected the educational systems of countries in this region. Education continues to be integrated into the “globalized system”, re-orienting it into a mere tool for economic development, thus, making it more commercialized and privatized. Since the market and profit oriented ideology has driven out other competing alternatives or academic subjects from the curriculum of education, one of the important roles of education as an indispensable tool in developing peace, justice and human rights has been endangered. It is important to affirm first of all that the goal of education is life, the sustenance and continuation of life in its fullness. [read on]

Transformation of Ethnic Conflict and the Role of Ecumenical
Movements in Sri Lanka
, by Jerome De Porres
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Internship Reports 2003
Mak Chung Lai (HKSCM) with LOCOA, Philippines; Doim Bang-Joo (KSCF) with Peace Way Foundation, Thailand; and Paddy Noble (SCMA) with DAGA, Hong Kong

In 2003, the WSCF AP sent 3 Human Rights and Peace interns to selected NGOs in the region to provide a venue for the leaders of SCMs to enhance their commitment towards human rights and peace work. The followings are some words from those 3 interns. [read on]

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Ecological Concern Workshop
“Ecological Crisis, Sustainable Community and Biblical Perspective”

Ecological Concern WorkshopOctober 18 to 25, 2001
Taipei, Taiwan

WSCF AP initiated an “Ecological Concerns Workshop” as a response to the rapid destruction of eco-system in our region. This workshop aims to enable the WSCF AP constituency to become more aware of the environmental issues affecting the world and particularly the Asian region in order to respond appropriately with a vision and action plan towards a more environmentally sound and sustainable community. [read on]

Human Rights and Solidarity Workshop
“Human Rights and Religion”

Ecological Concern WorkshopSeptember 17 to 23, 2001
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Responding to the religious conflict and intolerance that bring about gross human rights violations, the WSCF Asia-Pacific region initiated the Human Rights and Solidarity Workshop 2001 under the theme “Human Rights and Religion”. This workshop was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh on September 17-23, 2001. [read on]