World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

HRJP Programme 2011

The HRJP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To raise and deepen awareness on human rights, justice and peace issues among Christian young people in 18 countries in Asia-Pacific through education and awareness-raising activities at the regional level;
  2. To provide venue for Christian young people to engage in theological reflection on the issues of human rights, justice and peace and to deepen the meaning of Christian Faith, witness and service;
  3. To develop and participate in on-going advocacy campaigns on specific Human Rights, Justice and Peace issue that will affect policy-changes in the international and local levels. Specifically on the following issues:
  4. To support, strengthen and sustain Human Rights, Justice and Peace desks and programs in the SCMs by providing relevant materials and resources to the students;
  5. To train sixty (60) SCM students to become Human Rights Defenders (HRD) and advocates;
  6. To equip students and young people in churches with skills on Human Rights, Justice and Peace advocacy work
  7. To work in solidarity with SCM’s and other groups and sectors working on similar issues.

SCM Human Rights and Advocacy Work