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Regional Programme

WSCF Asia Pacific Human Rights Defenders Trainers Training

Proposed date and venue: October, Japan
Theme: US Military Bases, Militarization and Human Rights

The HRD Trainers Training is for a selected group of Young SCM Senior Friends who have participated in WSCF HR Regional Programs and HR Internships. The Training aims to develop a pool of resource persons on Human Rights and Justice and Peace issues that will provide support and training to the National SCMs in their national level programs. The Training hopes to develop a network of resource people in the Asia Pacific region with specific knowledge and skills in working with Christian young people and with theological perspective. It aims to promote and use the best practices in HRD work and advocacy among student and youth groups. A module will be developed specifically for this Trainers Training by a team of people who will be resource people and facilitators of the Training.

The WSCF Regional Committee proposed that a specific theme of “US Military Bases, Militarization and Human Rights” be adopted for the HRD Trainers Training. It aims to provide participants with the knowledge of the current debates and issues on the theme as it relates to Human Rights, develop a Human Rights campaign strategy for the theme, provide the participants with human rights framework of analysis by looking at the varied aspects of human rights issues from different perspective (i.e. gender perspective) and plan for the formation of Human Rights Desks in some countries. At the end of the workshop, the participants would have become equipped with the necessary skills as Human Rights Defenders and Advocates. The workshop will be attended by 25 students from all over Asia Pacific and will be conducted in seven-days.

The Human Rights Projects aims to accomplish the following objectives and targets:

  • To develop a pool of resource persons and HR Defenders trainers that will assist the work of the SCMs and WSCF Asia Pacific on Human Rights, Justice and Peace work.
  • To develop analysis and understanding on the theme of US Bases, Militarization and Human Rights especially in the Northeast sub-region.
  • Work for human rights and peace issues in Asia Pacific countries and gather support in campaigning these issues in the SCMs and churches in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Acquire and develop skills in the human rights and peace works from the SCMs, church groups, Non Government Organization(NGO) and Peace Organization(PO) in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Encourage to establish a Human Rights Support Group human rights desk in the SCMs