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Regional Programme

Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP)
Workshop on Indigenous Human Rights

June 17 to 23, 2010
Alice Spring, NT, Australia
Deadline of Application: March 30

The HR Workshop will be hosted by Australia SCM. We hope to gather between 35 participants, with 10 coming from SCMs in the other Asia Pacific countries and majority from Australia SCM. The workshop is organized in two parts, the first part focuses on Indigenous Human Rights, and the second in Climate Change and its effect on people. The first part will identify what indigenous human rights are and why Christians should be involved, particularly in the area of education and advocacy. It will then look at the context of Australia, looking at the history and contemporary situation in relation to Indigenous Human Rights, this will be done in the format of story-telling and listening. Participants will identify how these stories resonate with their own context and identify what HR abuses are occurring. The workshop will provide education on the issues facing indigenous Australians and advocacy tools for participants to utilise in returning home. The workshop will be structured around prayer and worship. It will be an important element of the workshop for participants to learn about Indigenous Australian culture and belief systems.

The second half of the workshop will focus on climate change and the devastating effects it is having on human rights in the Pacific. Climate change has a significant impact on the rights of indigenous people in the Pacific, already many people have been displaced and lost homes and livelihoods because of climate change. If climate change is not acted upon this displacement will continue and worsen. The workshop will give a brief introduction to the science and politics of climate change. It will then address the human rights issues that climate change poses, such as those that stem from loss of land/shelter, inability to produce food or continue livelihoods and the destruction of natural ecosystems (which support communities).