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HRJP Report 2009

Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee

Human Rights, Justice and Peace Advocacy WorkIn 2009, the Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP) Committee continued its work and composition was reconstituted, replacing former members, who served for two years, with new representatives from their movements. Committee members from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia were replaced with new representatives, who are Human Rights Desk Coordinators of their national SCMs. The new members of the HRJP Committee started meeting online in April to plan for the upcoming Human Rights Training Workshop in Bangladesh and share information on the Human Rights situation in their countries. To facilitate the sharing of information among the Committee members, a Homepage was created, hosted by Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF):

In March 2009, our new WSCF AP Human Rights Coordinator, Doim Bangjoo from Korea was appointed by the WSCF Standing Committee, replacing Paddy Noble from Aotearoa/New Zealand, who served for 3 years. Bangjoo began his task as Coordinator in April 2009, after a search process was conducted by members of the WSCF Standing Committee for 3 months. Three qualified applications were received by the Search Committee from Philippines, Sri Lanka and Korea. Following his appointment, Bangjoo represented WSCF AP in the World Council of Churches (WCC) “Living Letters” in Zimbabwe.

Human Rights, Justice and Peace Advocacy Work

Human Rights, Justice and Peace Advocacy WorkIn 2009, WSCF AP was involved in the following regional and global campaigns and advocacies: Human Rights and Democracy in Burma, Justice for the Palestinian People, and the Killings and Abductions in the Philippines. The work involves taking part in Campaign Groups to plan and implement activities that aims to raise awareness and advocate for Human Rights and Justice on some of these countries in Hong Kong and in the region and in other parts of the world.

WSCF AP is part of the Hong Kong Coalition to Free Burma, a coalition of more than 10 organizations and several individuals that met several times in 2009 to organize events on August 8, commemorating the day of the massacre of people in Rangoon in 1988. Some of the activities were online petition signing to Free All Political Prisoners in Burma, the Withdrawal of Investment by Hutchinson Holdings, a HK‐owned company operating in Burma. Prayer vigil and forum on the up‐coming elections in Burma were also organized to inform the people of the situation. WSCF AP likewise participated in the campaign to Stop Israel’s Military Aggression in Palestine in January until February. We also continued to take part in the Hong Kong Campaign for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCARPP), a coalition of more than 20 organizations involved in Human Rights advocacy work for the Philippines.