World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Programs for 2008


2nd Human Rights Working Group (PWG) Meeting

January 4 to 8
Hong Kong

The meeting is organized by the Asia-Pacific Forum - Church World Service (APF-CWS) and the General Board for Church and Society (GBCS) of the United Methodist Church (UMC) and will be attended by Churches and Ecumenical groups working on Human Rights issues on the global and regional levels and doing lobbying work in the United Nations. This year’s meeting agenda will focus on the preparations for the up-coming Universal Periodic Review of the Philippines at the UN Commission on Human Rights this coming April in Geneva. WSCF AP regional staff has been invited to take part in this initiative.

WSCF AP Human Rights Committee Meeting

February 10 to 12 or 21 to 23
Bangkok, Thailand

This will be the first face-to-face meeting of the WSCF Human Rights Committee after it was formed in June 2007. The meeting will evaluate the programs in 2007 and discuss follow-up plan for the WSCF Human Rights Program in the next two years. The HR Committee Meeting will bring together the 6 members of the HR Committee, the HR Coordinator and Regional Secretary to develop the WSCF AP Regional Human Rights Advocacy Framework and Campaign Plan for 2008 and 2009. It will also plan for the Student Conference on Internally Displaced, Migration and Trafficking in 2008. The Advocacy and Campaign plan produced by the meeting will be a guideline for national movements in developing their Human Rights work in the national level in the next two years. The planning workshop will also include studies on the two thematic areas of the HRSP, meeting with groups and network in involved in Trafficking, Internally Displaced, Political Asylum, Migrants. Members of the HR Committee and regional staff will attend this meeting.

WSCF AP Regional Human Rights Program

Student Conference on Internally Displaced,
Migration and Trafficking
Thailand (details to be announced later)

The conference aims to study the situation of internally displaced, migrants, asylum seekers and trafficked persons in the region, especially among the young people; it also aims to provide students with critical understanding on the global and regional perspective of the issues, its impact on the life of people in the community; it will also produce a platform of cooperation between student and youth groups engaged and interested on migration issues. The conference will bring together 25 young people from the SCMs and groups engaged in advocacy and work among the people affected by these issues. The program will include inputs and discussion on the theme, UN and state mechanisms addressing the problem of migration, trafficking and internally displaced, studies of the work done by groups engaged in the advocacy of these issues, exposure and integration will be arranged to see the actual condition and situation of people. An action plan for WSCF and SCMs will be made to take concrete actions to address.

Human Rights Internship Program on Trafficking, Migration in 2008

June (details to be announced later)

The HR Intern will implement the action plan and recommendation of the student conference on migration and trafficking and will work directly with an NGO or People’s Organization that concerns with the issue. The Intern will work on the specific project proposed by the Student Conference in partnership with the receiving organization for three months. The objectives of the HRIP are: to provide training opportunity for young people to learn and understand the social, political, and economic and religious contexts of Migration, Trafficking in the Asia-Pacific context. To bring awareness of the various forms and issues surrounding labour migration; learn from the practical experience the actual work of movements and NGOs involved in Migration campaign and advocacy work; to contribute the interns skills and talent in the actual work of the receiving organization; to build ties and implement communication and solidarity with networks that work on migration.