World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Programs for 2007


WSCF AP Human Rights Defender’s Workshop for Students

June 18 to 21
Manila, Philippines

The regional workshop will be participated in by all member movements of the federation in the region, with at least one participant from each national movement. The workshop will be hosted by SCM Philippines, with support from Forum Asia. The Human Rights Defenders Training Workshop for Students aims;

  • to provide students with the skills for human rights advocacy work,
  • develop a Human Rights campaign strategy,
  • provide them with human rights framework of analysis by looking at the varied aspects of human rights issues from different perspective (i.e. gender perspective) and;
  • plan for the formation of Human Rights Desks in some countries.

At the end of the workshop, the participants would have become equipped with the necessary skills as Human Rights Defenders and Advocates. The workshop will be attended by 25 students from all over Asia-Pacific and the members of the newly-formed WSCF AP Human Rights Committee. We invite you to plan ahead and select your participant to this workshop as soon as you can; deadline of application is April 30.

International Solidarity Mission (ISM)

June 22 to 25

Immediately after the workshop, the participants will travel to different part of the Philippines to undertake a mission to gather data and information on the killings of student activist in some parts of the region. The ISM aims to contribute to bring justice to the victims of human rights violations, the speedy resolution of the cases and promote Human Rights in general. 

WSCF Inter-regional program on Migration

Latin America (dates and concept to be confirmed by IRO)

Human Rights Intern on issue of Migration

We would like to invite you to nominate a member of your movement to apply for 3-months Human Rights Internship Program on the issue of “Migration” in 2007. The Internship Program will be conducted in one of the Migrant host country either in Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong with Migrant organizations or center as host. The internship will begin on June and end on August. Deadline of application will be April 30, 2007.