World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Formation of the WSCF AP
Human Rights Committee

In July 2006, the WSCF Regional Committee formed the first WSCF AP Human Rights Committee to specifically focus on providing the support and direction for the Human Rights Programme and human rights campaigns and actions alerts from the national movements. Its tasks and responsibilities include the following:

  1. Prepare the structure and system and function of the HR Committee;
  2. Assessment and evaluation of programmes and actions taken related to HR campaigns;
  3. Fundraising for HR programmes and projects;
  4. Provide links between national movements and human rights groups;
  5. Period of function is 2 years;
  6. Follow through the plans of the HR Workshop.

Since then, three online discussions and meetings have been organized by WSCF AP where the Committee began to do its work. The Human Rights Committee is composed of 6 members from the national movement and the WSCF AP Regional Secretary and Human Rights Coordinator. The members from the national movements are:

  1. Dion Ceraffon, Chairperson of SCM Philippines
  2. Hannah Angus, Human Rights Coordinator of SCM Australia
  3. Lialbaki Pautu, Study Secretary for Human Rights of SCM India
  4. Kaythi Min, Human Rights Coordinator for Myanmar SCM
  5. Immanuel Gopala Kitnan, General Secretary of SCM Sri Lanka
  6. Kenly Poluan, Chairperson of SCM Indonesia