World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Regional meetings 2013

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WSCF AP Asia Pacific Standing Committee
and Regional Women's Committee Meets in Hong Kong

February 3-11, 2011
Hong Kong

20th Standing Committee

20th Standing CommitteeThe WSCF Asia Pacific Standing Committee held its 20th Meeting from February 6 to 11, 2011 at the WSCF AP Regional Office in Hong Kong. It was attended by Mr. Yustin Pasaribu (Indonesia), chairperson; Ms. Phan Dara (Cambodia), vice-chairperson; Mr. Immanuel Gopala Kitnan (Sri Lanka), Exco; Ms. Bronwyn Claire Crowe (Australia), Exco; Ms. Fanny Lam (Hong Kong), Member-at-large; Ms. Gayeon Lee (Korea), Member-at-large; Ms. Janejinda Pawadee (Thailand), global vice-chairperson; Ms. Sunita Suna (India), Regional Women’s Coordinator; and Ms. Necta Montes (Philippines), Regional Secretary. [read on]

Minutes of the meeting

20th Regional Women’s Committee

20th Regional Women’s CommitteeThe members of the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC), WSCF AP met on 3-6, February 2011 at the WSCF AP Regional Office, Hong Kong. Ga yeon Lee (South Korea), Standing Committee member at large and North East Asia representative, Mani Clara Mandal (Bangladesh), South Asia representative, Selfitriani Kulla (Indonesia), South East Asia representative, Fanny Lam (Hong Kong), co opted member in the place of Misato Sasaki, Bronwyn Crowe (Australia), Janejinda Pawadee (Thailand), member and vice chair for WSCF Global Ex co and Sunita Suna (India), Regional Women’s Coordinator attended the meeting. [read on]

Minutes of the meeting

Regional meetings 2011

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"Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity"

WSCF AP Successfully Holds 19th RCMJuly 18-28, 2010
North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The 19th WSCF Asia-Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) and the Pre-Women’s Meeting from July 18 to 28, 2010, in Manado and Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Meeting was hosted by the 5 branches in North Sulawesi of GMKI (Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia) or SCM Indonesia on the theme, “Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity.” [read on]

Minutes of the meeting

19th RCM Pre-Women’s Meeting
"Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity – Feminist perspectives"

Participants of the Pre-Women’s MeetingJuly 18-21, 2010
Manado, Indonesia

The 19th Pre Women’s Meeting of WSCF AP was held from July 18-21, at the Yuta Hotel, Manado, Indonesia, prior to the 19th WSCF AP Regional Committee Meeting (RCM). [read on]

Minutes of the meeting

Regional meetings 2010

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AP Hosts WSCF Inter-Regional Program
"Identity, Diversity and Dialogue"

WSCF Inter-Regional Program on Identity, Diversity and DialogueDecember 1-12, 2009
Chaingmai and Bangkok, Thailand

The WSCF Inter-regional Leadership Training Program was held from December 1 to 12, 2009 at the Lotus Hotel in Chaingmai and the Student Christian Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme on “Identity, Diversity and Dialogue,” was further divided into thematic topics, Ethnic and Cultural Identities, Religious Diversity and Inter-faith, Sexual Minorities and LGBT Issues. [read on]

Movement Visits and Networking, 2009

Bangladesh SCMOn May 12 to 22, Necta visited the Bangladesh SCM in Dhaka and Shavar. Necta was invited by the movement to speak on the topic “Role of SCM Women and Men in Reducing Gender Gap” at the National Women’s Program of SCM Bangladesh. She also visited and discussed about the activities of the movement with student members of SCM units in Dhaka (pictures appears on the left) and Shavar units. Visits to National Council of Churches in Bangladesh (NCCB) and YMCA, YWCA and senior friend group called, “Sangko” were also arranged by the host. [read on]

19th Standing Committee of WSCF AP Region Meets

19th SC of WSCF AP Region MeetsMarch 16-19, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

The 19th Standing Committee (SC) of the WSCF AP was held in the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand on March 16-19, 2009.

SC is the decision making body of the WSCF AP which meets once in every two years to plan, strategize, review, draw action plans of the ongoing and upcoming commitments of the region on peace, justice and human rights issues. It also recommends by-laws amendments to the Regional Committee Meeting. [read on]

19th Regional Women’s Committee of WSCF AP Meets

19th Regional Women’s CommitteeMarch 14-15, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

The 19th Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) met on 14­15, March 2009 at the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand. The RWC is the decision making body of the Regional Women’s Programme (RWP), comprised of six women. The committee meets once in two years to concrete plans for the RWP in the new quadrennium; evaluate the program and the work being done; implement concrete plans; drawing up specific plans for program implementation. [read on]

Regional meetings 2009

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Regional Secretary Visits Pacific

Regional Secretary Visits PacificNovember 2008

Necta Montes Rocas, regional secretary of WSCF AP, visited Fiji island from November 16 to 20 and Aotearoa/New Zealand from 21 to 26, 2008. The aim of the visit was to re-establish contacts and networks in the Pacific Islands and explore possibilities of revitalizing the ecumenical student movement in the South Pacific Islands. [read on]


WSCF AP 18th Regional Committee Meets at Chinese University in Hong KongJuly 24-30, 2008
Hong Kong

The 18th Regional Committee of WSCF AP was held from July 24 to 30,2008 at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. The meetings was attended by representatives of 17 affiliated National Movements and 1 Associated Movements. [read on]

18th RCM Pre-Women’s Meeting
"Your Daughters Shall Prophesy"

Pre-RCM Women’s MeetingJuly 24-26, 2008
Hong Kong

The Pre-women’s meeting was held from July 24-26, 2008 at the Chungchi University, Hong Kong on the theme ‘Your Daughters shall Prophesy’. 10 young women from the National SCMs of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia attended the event. [read on]

Regional meetings 2008

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SCM AP General Secretaries and Coordinators
prepare for WSCF General Assembly 2008

SCM AP General Secretaries and Coordinators prepare for WSCF GA 2008 November 1-5, 2007
Bangkok, Thailand

Seventeen SCM leaders from Asia-Pacific met from Nov 1 to 5, 2007 at the Student Christian Center (SCC) in Bangkok to discuss important issues facing the national movements. Those who attended were: [read on]

Movement Visits, 2007

18th Regional Women’s Committee and Standing Committee Meeting

Standing Committee MembersFebruary 18-24, 2007
Hong Kong

Six young women from the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) met on 18-20 February to evaluate, strategise, envision and implement the Regional Women’s Programme (RWP) for the next couple of years. [read on]

Regional meetings 2007

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WSCF Gen Sec Michael Wallace Visits Hong Kong Office

WSCF General Secretary Michael WallaceDecember 3-6, 2006
Hong Kong

WSCF General Secretary Michael Wallace and his family visited Hong Kong from December 3 to 6, 2006. During this visit he met with Yip Kok Choong, Shella Zagada and Lakshan Dias from the Asia Alliance of YMCA, SCM Hong Kong members at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Rose Wu of Hong Kong Christian Institute, and senior friend Theresa Cariño of Amity Foundation. A welcome dinner was hosted by WSCF AP at the regional office, where senior friends, students and staff joined the event.

Movement Visits and Movement Building, 2006

SCM IndonesiaIn 2006, the WSCF Regional Team visited five movements in 2006. On April 3-8, 2006, the Regional Secretary attended the National Consultation of GMKI or SCM Indonesia in Ambon, Indonesia. She was invited to present a paper on Neoliberalism and Social Movements in Asia, the theme of the national consultation. At this occasion, she dialogued with the leaders and students of the national movements, where concerns were raised on the relationship of the national movement with the federation, issues of religious conflict in Sulawesi, and the situation of people in West Papua. [read on]

elects new officers and identifies program thrust for 2007 and 2008

WSCF AP 17th RCM delegates posing after the meetingJuly 2-7, 2006
Dhaka, Bangladesh

WSCF Asia-Pacific successfully held its 17th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) from July 2 to 7, 2006 at the CBCB Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The meeting was attended by 25 representatives from the member movements, officers, staff, and guests of the federation. [read on]

17th RCM Pre-Women's Meeting

Women’s Pre-meeting participantsJune 3 - July 2, 2006
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Women’s Pre-Meeting was attended by 6 official delegates of the National Movements in the Regional Committee Meeting. The women delegates expressed a sense of positivity in the Regional Women's Programme (RWP) that gives an overall impression of: [read on]

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SCM General Secretaries and National Coordinators Meet in Singapore

From L-R: Freddy Pandiangan, GMKI; Antonio da Silva, TL SCM; Tharaka, SL SCM; Im Thanno, CSCM; Roger Gaikwad; Kim Oh Sung, KSCFNovember 13-17, 2005

The 3rd General Secretaries/National Coordinators' Meeting was held in Singapore on 13-17 November 2005. 15 General Secretaries and National Coordinators from the Asia-Pacific National Movements attended the meeting. [read on]

Movement Building Internship in Timor Leste SCM

From June 16 to July 16 (one month), WSCF ExCo member Nina Nayoan from GMKI spent one month in Timor Leste helping and facilitating to build the newly formed movement in this country. During the brief period, she has helped set-up the movement and assisted the students and leaders of the movement to strengthen the organization. Here some highlights of the report reflection she has shared to the regional office after her internship. [read on]

17th Regional Women’s Committee and Standing Committee Meeting

17th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting February 26 to March 1,
and March 1 to 5, 2005
Hong Kong

The 17th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting and Standing Committee Meeting were held on 26 February - 1 March and 1-5 March 2005 respectively in Hong Kong.

The newly elected Regional Women’s Committee and Standing Committee members met for the first time since the Chiangmai RCM to articulate on the vision and mission of the region as well as the Federation. [read on]

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"Alternative Education in the Context of a Pluralistic Society in Asia-Pacific:
The Role of Student Christian Movement"

July 31 to August 3, 2004
Chiangmai, Thailand

The 16th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) took place in Chiangmai, Thailand on 2-3 August 2004. This meeting brought 14 affiliated member movements, 1 associated and 1 contact movement to reflect and discuss on the work done by the Asia-Pacific Region in the last couple of years as well as to make plans for the next two years that would continue to empower SCMers in their students’ life. The 16th RCM also elected new leaders who will serve for the region for the coming two years. [read on]

Agenda, timetable and notes
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Extraordinary Standing Committee Meeting 2003

March 12 to 16, 2003
Hong Kong

The current financial situation in WSCF has led to the Inter-Regional Office’s (IRO) decision to postpone holding the General Assembly (GA) in 2003, since then, the Officers of WSCF have also recommended various cutbacks to ease the financial burdens of the Federation. Because of GA being postponed to 2004, WSCF AP’s Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) was also affected as it has been a tradition to pledge the RCM alongside a GA if the RCM were to be held in a year when the GA is also being held. [read on]

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General Secretary/National Coordinator’s Meeting

October 14 to 20, 2002
Pattaya, Thailand

General Secretary/National Coordinator’s from 13 National Movements affiliated to WSCF Asia-Pacific: Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand; staff (Regional Secretary and Women’s Coordinator) representatives from Standing Committee (1 ExCo member and Chairperson) met in Pattaya, Thailand from 14 to 20 October, 2002. [read on]

Minutes of 2002 Meeting of National Coordinators

Co-Secretaries visit SCM Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific office in Hong Kong

Upon concluding their trip in Thailand for the preparation of the General Assembly which will be hosted in Chiangmai in August 2003, the Co-Secretaries, Beate and Nana travelled to Hong Kong where the Co-Secretaries met up with General Secretaries and staff of the Christian Conference of Asia and the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs. [read on]

15th Standing Committee Meeting

January 14 to 20, 2002
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Standing Committee was held at the PGI House in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 14-20 in order to review the progress and facilitate the implementations of decisions made by 15th RCM. The SC also deliberated and approved the region’s programmes for the next two years. The SC confirmed the following programmes for 2002. [read on]

15th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

January 12 to 15, 2002
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Meeting was held on 12-15 January prior to the Standing Committee Meeting. This is the first meeting for the new RWC members since their elections in the Regional Committee Meeting in 2001. The members consist of Lasma Tobing from SCM-Indonesia, Sophia Wooldridge from Australia SCM, Kaythi Min Din from SCM-Myanmar, Dayanthi Samaranayake from SCM-Sri Lanka, Glenda Rocas from SCM-Philippines and Wong Yock Leng, current Regional Women’s Coordinator. [read on]

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"Globalisation and Information Technology: SCM's Response"

July 10 to 15, 2001
Chiangmai, Thailand

The 15th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) took place in Chiangmai, Thailand on 10-15 July 2001. This meeting brought 13 member and 2 associate movements to reflect and discuss on the work done by the Asia-Pacific Region in the last couple of years as well as to make plans for the next two years that would hopefully continue to empower SCMers in their students’ life. [read on]