World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Regional meetings for 2011


WSCF AP Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Meeting

February 3-6, 2011, Hong Kong

The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) is the decision making body of the Regional Women’s Programme of the WSCF AP. The women members of this committee are officially elected by the Regional Committee Meeting for the biennium 2010-2012 to represent the sub regions. Six women members from South Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia and Pacific, including the regional women’s coordinator of the WSCF AP will be meeting on the above mentioned dates. The objectives of the RWC are:

  • Evaluate the program and the work being done by a critical analysis and sharing on women’s issues and reporting on the women’s programmes in sub regions
  • Concrete plans for the Regional Women’s Program in the new quadrennium;
  • Implement concrete plans;
  • coordinate development on women’s work from the regional level to the national movements and to the sub-regions they represent by helping to carry out women’s program at these levels;
  • Review the process and facilitate the implementation of decisions concerning women made by the Regional Committee by :
  • drawing up specific plans for program implementation,
  • dividing areas of work among members of the Regional Women’s Committee, making recommendations concerning women for action of the Regional Committee;
  • Discussion and planning on Budget and fund raising for the next quadrennium

WSCF Asia Pacific Regional Secretary Search Committee Meeting
and Standing Committee Meetings

February 7-11, 2010, WSCF AP Regional Office, Hong Kong

The WSCF AP Regional Secretary Search Committee is composed on 8 people from the Standing Committee, representative from the WSCF Global officers and a senior friend. They are: Yustin Pasaribu (WSCF AP Chairperson), Phan Dada (WSCF AP vice-chairperson), Immanuel Gopala Kitnan (Exco), Bronwyn Crowe (Exco), Fanny Lam and Gayeon Lee (member-at-large), Ms. Janejinda Pawadee (WSCF Vice-chair), and Dr. Wong Wai Ching (WSCF Senior Friend). The Committee commenced its work in December 2011 and is responsible for the search process of the WSCF AP Regional Secretary. In this meeting, the Committee members will meet to prepare for the interview of the short-listed candidates and deliberate the results of the interviews.

The WSCF Standing Committee (SC) is the Executive Committee of WSCF AP region, it is the highest policy-making body of WSCF AP, when the Regional Committee is not in session. This meeting is the regular biennial meeting of the officers and staff of the region composed of the chairperson, vice-chair, 2 Excos, member-at-large and regional staff to review the mandate of the Regional Committee (RC), discuss biennial plans, review the existing policies of the region, approve the budget of the region, evaluate the over-all health of the national movements and review the vision of the Federation. This meeting will also evaluate the work and performance of the Regional Women’s Coordinator in the last biennium before a recommendation of extension and discuss the report of the WSCF AP Regional Secretary Search Committee. If you have some concerns that you want to be discussed by the Committee, please feel free to send in your ideas and suggestions to the regional office.

SCM Coordinators and General Secretaries Meeting and Training

Date and venue: to be finalized by the Standing Committee

The SCM and General Secretaries Meeting is not decision-making body of the WSCF AP, neither it is a program or a regular body that is mandated to function separately from the decision making structures of the WSCF AP. The recommendations and suggestions arising from these meetings are highly valued but are not mandatory and binding. This space or venue was created in aide of decision making processes for the national movements and the region. It was created to ensure that decisions taken by the Regional Committee, Standing Committee and Regional Women’s Committee were adequately informed by the staff. It is in this same spirit that the next SCM General Secretaries and Coordinators meeting is being organized with the following objectives:


  1. Draw lessons and learn from the experiences, successes, strengths and areas of improvement of the work of the national movements in the last three years; Identify effective strategies and direction for WSCF AP’s movement building work.
  2. Identify the critical issues, concerns and themes relevant to the students and youth today, and recommend strategies and actions for program planning at the national, regional and global levels;
  3. Create venue for the general secretaries and coordinators to share their experience in general staff work, leadership, management, project and activities implementations and identify areas of cooperation and skills enhancement for father development.