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WSCF AP Successfully Holds
19th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM)

"Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity"

WSCF AP Successfully Holds 19th RCMJuly 18-28, 2010
Manado and Tomohon,
North Sulawesi, Indonesia

The 19th WSCF Asia-Pacific Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) and the Pre-Women’s Meeting from July 18 to 28, 2010, in Manado and Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Meeting was hosted by the 5 branches in North Sulawesi of GMKI (Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia) or SCM Indonesia on the theme, “Renewing the Earth: Climate Justice and Equity.”

The WSCF AP RCM, the highest policy-making body of WSCF in the Asia-Pacific region was attended by 24 delegates and observers from 16 member movements of the Federation, These were Ms. Ros Hewitt from Australia, Ms. Mani Mandal from Bangladesh, Ms. Fanny Hui Fan and Ms Tsang Oi Leng from Hong Kong, Mr. Kin Yong Sung from Korea, Ms Wan Jou Lin from Taiwan, Mr. Thimohty Kumarathunga from Sri Lanka, Ms. Misato Sasaki from Japan, Mr. Mamberob Rumakiek and Effy Kulla from Indonesia, Mr. Tuntun Oo from Myanmar, Ms. Sarah Nayer from Pakistan, Mr. Samuel Jayakumar from India, Ms. Phan Dara from Cambodia, Ms. Janejinda Pawadee from Thailand, Ms. Kristine Valerio from Philippines, Ms. Ee Chia from Malaysia, and Ms. Natalia de Vasconselos from Timor Leste. Out-going members of the WSCF AP Standing Committee and Staff were also present in the meeting.

WSCF AP Successfully Holds 19th RCMThe Opening Worship and Program was held at the Sentrum GMIM Church in Manado with senior friends and student attending the event. Rev. Teddy Batasina, the pastor of the Sentrum church, led the Worship. A Welcome Dinner for the RCM participants were hosted by the North Sulawesi Governor S.H. Sarundajang and his son Febian Sarundajang in Manado on July 24. Dr. Hope Antone from Christian Conference of Asia led the Bible Study on Partnership, Dr. Richard Siwu from the Ukit Theological Seminary in Tomohon on Interfaith and Nina Nayoan, senior friend of GMKI on Migration.

Highlights of the decisions made by the 19th RCM includes the following:

Election of New Officers

Standing Committee Members:

Regional Women’s Committee Members:

Recommended the Association of SCM Nepal to WSCF

The RCM delegates welcomed with thanks the application for associate membership of SCM Nepal into the global Federation. This decision will be recommended to the WSCF 14th General Assembly in 2012, scheduled to be hosted by WSCF Latin America and Caribbean Region (LAC). In the meantime, SCM Nepal will be invited to participate in the life and work of WSCF AP in the coming months and will be a recipient of WSCF AP Annual Movement Grant in 2011 and 2012.

Commission Recommendations for WSCF

The following are some of the recommendations made by the four Commissions formed in the RCM (Climate Justice, Women and Men Partnership, Interfaith and Migration):

WSCF AP Successfully Holds 19th RCMResolutions

The RCM approved the resolution on the following issues for action:

Amendments of WSCF AP By-laws

After long debates and discussions, the proposed amendment to the WSCF AP By-laws was approved by votation. The amendment clarifies the status of students and senior friends, the role of the Search and Nominations Committee and provided guidelines for the nominations of SCMers (students and senior friends) who have migrated, worked, studied in another country and participates actively in the life of the movement in their adoptive country.

Approval of Budget and Regional Programs for 2011-2012

The RCM approved the proposed budget for the next two years and the regional programs. The proposed budget is $ 151,700.00 (US) for 2011 and $ 150,700 (US) for 2012. Partnership with national movements were encouraged in the next two years, wherein movements hosting regional events can do local fund-raising to support the local budget for the regional programs. Recommendations and proposals for the Regional Programs were also made by the RCM for the Human Rights Justice and Peace Programme (HRJP), Student Empowerment for Transformation, School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF), Regional Women’s Program, Ecumenical Networking and Movement Building.

For the year 2011, the following programs were proposed:

Search for the next WSCF AP Regional Secretary

The Search Committee for the next WSCF AP Regional Secretary will be composed of in-coming the 6 members of the Standing Committee and Janejinda Pawadee, representing the global officers of the Federation. The Search Committee will be chaired by Yustin Pasaribu, the in-coming chair of WSCF AP. Search Process will begin in August.

The next RCM will be hosted by SCM India in July 2012.