World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Regional meetings for 2010


AWRC Coordinating Team (CT) Meeting

May 16 to 21
Yogkakarta, Indonesia

The Coordinating Team (CT) of the AWRC is the policy/decision making body of the organization, and is responsible for coordinating, oversight of the affairs of the organization, planning, and appointing any necessary committees. The WSCF AP and AWRC have a historical significance of working together. The Regional Women’s Coordinator of WSCF AP region is co-opted as voting member of the CT. This year the CTM meeting will take place in Indonesia, in May 16-21, and this meeting will be attended by the Regional Women’s Coordinator, WSCF AP.

WSCF AP Regional Committee Pre-Women’s Meeting

3rd week of July
Indonesia (tentative)

The Women’s Pre-Meeting will be a vital place for the women leaders from the national movements who have contributed to the RWP for the last two years in different capacities and the newly nominated women members from the national movements. This meeting will be a place for the young women not only to celebrate our achievements but also to share their concerns/ experiences and struggles while addressing the women’s concerns in their SCMs. The women will critically evaluate the programmes and activities by listening others’ stories. They bring their wisdom and skills to formulate, strategise the programmes for the next 4 years based on their needs, which would strive us to achieve gender justice in the region and transform our vision into a reality. Participants: 10-12 young women from the Asia Pacific Region.

The Objectives are:

  1. To elect the new Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) members of WSCF AP for the year 2010-2012
  2. To understand, share and exchange information on the National Movements’ women’s issues and programmes
  3. Strategize plans for developing women’s programmes in National Movements that do not have any women’s desk or regular women’s programmes
  4. To make concrete suggestions to the direction of the Regional Women’s programme in order to achieve our vision, mission, goals and strategies for the next 4 years.

WSCF AP Regional Committee Meeting (RCM)

Last week of July
Indonesia (tentative)
Deadline of delegate: May

The WSCF AP Regional Committee (RC) is the highest policy making body of the Federation in the Asia Pacific region. The Meeting will be attended by 25 members, delegates from the affiliated and associated movement of the Federation in Asia and the Pacific, the WSCF AP Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Exco Members and Regional Staff. The RCM program will include commissions that will deal on topics such Women and Men Partnership, Interfaith, Climate Justice, Migration. An exposure program will also be part of the schedule on the 8 days meeting. We invite the Affiliate and Associate members of WSCF in the Asia Pacific region to select one official delegate to the RCM, prepare nominations for Standing Committee, Human Rights Committee and Regional Women’s Committee.

The Regional Committee shall accomplish the following:

  1. review and assess the situations of the member movements of the region in the context of the work of the Executive Committee and the worldwide situation of the Federation;
  2. consider the ideas, problems and aspirations of the member movements of the region;
  3. determine and review objectives, policies and priorities for the region;
  4. devise the ongoing program of the region;
  5. recommend affiliation or association of the movements;
  6. coordinate the activities of the regional staff and national staff within the region;
  7. prepare the regional budget to be submitted to the Executive Committee;
  8. elect members of the Regional Standing Committee;
  9. elect regional representatives to the Executive Committee in accordance to the Constitution of the WSCF; and decide on a date and venue for the next meeting of the Committee