World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Movement Visits and Networking, 2009

Bangladesh SCMOn May 12 to 22, Necta visited the Bangladesh SCM in Dhaka and Shavar. Necta was invited by the movement to speak on the topic “Role of SCM Women and Men in Reducing Gender Gap” at the National Women’s Program of SCM Bangladesh. She also visited and discussed about the activities of the movement with student members of SCM units in Dhaka (pictures appears on the left) and Shavar units. Visits to National Council of Churches in Bangladesh (NCCB) and YMCA, YWCA and senior friend group called, “Sangko” were also arranged by the host.

SCM SingaporeFollowing recommendation from the Standing Committee, Necta and Yinyin Maw, WSCF AP Regional Secretary and Chairperson respectively, visited SCM Singapore from May 22 to 25. They met with SCM Coordinator, Wong Yock Leng and visited the on-going project of SCM Singapore with Commercial Sex Workers (CSW). They also visited the Singapore YMCA (inset picture), the First Community Church of Singapore and some senior friends. The objective of the visit was to assist in the reactivation of SCM Singapore SCM. A report was submitted by Yinyin and Necta to the Standing Committee for reference.

40th General Council (GC) Meeting of The United Church of Canada (UCC) and its Partners MeetingOn August 6 to 18, Necta represented WSCF at the 40th General Council (GC) Meeting of The United Church of Canada (UCC) and its Partners Meeting in Kelowna, BC, Canada. The UCC is one of the strongest partner of WSCF. The GC was an opportunity for UCC partners to learn about the life of the church and share about the work of its partners to the congregation members. Necta was invited to share in several parallel forums and discussions to talk about the issue of Empire, Ecumenical Youth Movement and Human Rights and Justice Work of WSCF.