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19th SC of WSCF AP Region Meets

19th SC of WSCF AP Region Meets
Standing Committee members (from left to right): Bartin
Gomes, Necta Montes Rocas, Jahartap Yustin Pasaribu,
Bronwyn Crowe, Daw Yin Yin Maw, Immanuel Gopata Kitnan,
Poon Wanyu

March 16-19, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

The 19th Standing Committee (SC) of the WSCF AP was held in the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand on March 16-19, 2009.

SC is the decision making body of the WSCF AP which meets once in every two years to plan, strategize, review, draw action plans of the ongoing and upcoming commitments of the region on peace, justice and human rights issues. It also recommends by-laws amendments to the Regional Committee Meeting.

The following officers were present in the SC: Yin Yin Maw, chairperson; Jahartap Yustin Pasaribu, vice-chairperson; Bronwyn Crowe, Exco Member; Immanuel Gopala Kitnan, Exco Member; Wanyu Poon, Member-at-Large; Bartin Gomez, Member-at-Large; Necta Montes Rocas, Regional Secretary; and Sunita Suna, Regional Women’s Coordinator.

Necta and Sunita gave WSCF AP programme reports from 2007­2008 while Wanyu, Immanuel and Necta shared on the WSCF 34th General Assembly, UN Advocacy Week and the joint meeting of CCA and WSCF AP. The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) also reported. Based on these, the SC conducted SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) for all the National Movements, Regional Programmes and drew plan of actions for the next biennium and approved the proposed budget for 2009-2010.

The SC reviewed the Regional Programme Planning for 2009­2010 and decided on the details of the plans. In addition to the above mentioned activities the SC decided the following issues:

Appointment of the WSCF AP HR Coordinator. After having a serious discussion about the candidates based on the criteria, the SC took a consensus and decided to appoint Doim Bangjoo as the HR coordinator for two years from 2009-2010.

Recommendation for the Renewal of Sunita Suna’s Contract as RW Coordinator. The RWC recommended to the SC the renewal of contract of Sunita Suna for another term following their positive evaluation of her work. The SC approved the recommendation of the RWC and thanked Sunita for her work.

Recommend extension of Necta Montes Rocas’ contract as Regional Secretary. After the evaluation, SC Members thanked Necta for her work as Regional Secretary and unanimously agreed to recommend and extension of her contract to the WSCF Executive Committee.

Apart from the business session the SC had Worships conducted by the members and Bible Studies were done by Yong Ting Jin the feminist theologian and Yin Yin Maw, the Chair. The Bible Study led by Yong Tingjin on the book of Judges 19:1-30. The texts helped to understand about sexual abuse/assault and rape against women and helped to reflect on the theme of WSCF as it relates to the multiple identities of women and the context of violence that women suffers from in the contemporary world. The Biblical reflection was led by Yin Yin Maw based on the text Romans chapter 12. She talked about the role and expectation of SCMers as Living Sacrifice, Humble Servants and Love in action. On Ecumenical Conversation with Dr. Prawate Khidarn the CCA Gen.Secy on the topic “Challenges and Prospects of the Ecumenical Movements in Asia Today”, he interacted with the group and shared his ecumenical journey, the Challenges of the Ecumenical Movements in the context of globalization and working with Evangelic Churches and the difficulties of interfaith dialogue and the future direction of the ecumenical movements.