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19th Regional Women’s Committee
of WSCF AP Meets

19th Regional Women’s Committee
Regional Women’s Committee members (from left to right):
Ashani Rhoda John, Cha Eun Hye, Bronwyn Crowe, Poon
Wanyu, Sunita Suna

March 14-15, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

The 19th Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) met on 14­15, March 2009 at the Bangkok Christian Guest House in Thailand. The RWC is the decision making body of the Regional Women’s Programme (RWP), comprised of six women. The committee meets once in two years to concrete plans for the RWP in the new quadrennium; evaluate the program and the work being done; implement concrete plans; drawing up specific plans for program implementation.

The following members attended the RWC: Ashani Rodha John of Sri Lanka- South Asia Representative, Bronwyn Crowe of Australia, Ex Co of WSCF AP and Pacific Representative, Cha Eun Hye- of South Korea and North East Asia Representative, Poon Wan Yu of Hong Kong and Standing Committee Member at large and North East Asia Representative, Sunita Suna of India (Regional Women’s Coordinator), Yong Ting Jin of Malaysia (Observer), Janejinda Pawadee of Thailand (Vice Chair – WSCF Global Ex Co-Observer) and Necta Montes Rocas of the Philippines (Regional Secretary).

Ting Jin, Necta and Jane shared about the history of women’s participation in WSCF and WSCF AP and their personal experiences of challenges and achievements of the space for women with in thehierarchal structure of the WSCF.

There were sharings of the women’s programmes in the subregions by the members as well as the challenges in the global context and transformation of patriarchal structures in most national movements. We also talked about the enhancement of women’s participation. Sunita presented the women’s programme report from2007-2008. The SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) was conducted for the regional, subregional and joint women’s programmes. The evaluation and analysis of the ongoing programmes helped the committee to envision the thrust and direction of the future women’s programme as: We as the WSCF- AP and SCM women strive to: Seek self- liberation and transformation; Build an inclusive non-violent community, Break the structures of domination and subordination, and Promote equality and women leadership.

The RWC planned the women’s programmes for the next quadrennium 2009-2012 based on the vision, direction and thrust. In addition to the above mentioned activities the RWC also did the evaluation of the Regional Women’s coordinator based on her report and personal reflection and recommended the Standing Committee to renew the contract of Sunita Suna as the Regional Women’s Coordinator.