World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Regional meetings for 2009


WSCF AP Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Meeting

March 11 to 15
BCGH, Bangkok, Thailand

The RWC is the decision making body of the Regional Women’s Programme of the WSCF AP. The women members of this committee are officially elected by the Regional Committee Meeting for the biennium 2009-2010 to represent the sub regions. Six women members from South Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia and Pacific, including the regional women’s coordinator of the WSCF AP will be meeting on the above mentioned dates. Prior to the RWC there will be two days workshop on looking at gender for the purpose of going beyond gender analysis for the women members. The objectives of the RWC are:

  • Evaluate the program and the work being done by a critical analysis and sharing on women’s issues and reporting on the women’s programmes in sub regions
  • Concrete plans for the Regional Women’s Program in the new quadrennium;
  • Implement concrete plans;
  • coordinate development on women’s work from the regional level to the national movements and to the sub-regions they represent by helping to carry out women’s program at these levels;
  • Review the process and facilitate the implementation of decisions concerning women made by the Regional Committee by:
  • drawing up specific plans for program implementation,
  • dividing areas of work among members of the Regional Women’s Committee, making recommendations concerning women for action of the Regional Committee;
  • Discussion and planning on Budget and fund raising for the next quadrennium

CCA-WSCF Joint Program Committee Meeting (CWP)

March 14 to 15
BCGH, Bangkok, Thailand

The CWP Joint Committee will evaluate the joint activities done by CCA and WSCF in previous years and plan for future joint programs. The Meeting will also be an opportunity to review the long-standing partnership between the two organizations and appoint new replacements of the CWP Joint Committee. WSCF AP representatives to this Committee are the WSCF AP Chairperson, one ExCo member and Regional Secretary.

WSCF AP Standing Committee (SC) Meeting

March 15 to 21
BCGH, Bangkok, Thailand

The WSCF Standing Committee (SC) is the Executive Committee of WSCF AP region; it is the highest policy-making body of WSCF AP, when the Regional Committee is not in session. This is the regular biennial meeting of the officers and staff of the region composed of the chairperson, vice-chair, 2 ExCos, member-at-large and regional staff to review the mandate of the Regional Committee (RC), discuss biennial plans, review the existing policies of the region, approve the budget of the region, evaluate the over-all health of the national movements and review the vision of the Federation. This meeting will also evaluate the work and performance of the Regional Secretary in the last biennium before a recommendation of extension is given to the global Executive Committee for approval. The performance of the Regional Women’s Coordinator will likewise be evaluated before a new contract is drawn during this meeting. If you have some concerns that you want to be discussed by the Committee, please feel free to send in your ideas and suggestions to the regional office.

SCM National Coordinators and General Secretaries
Training and Meeting

November 1 to 15

This Training/Meeting will be attended by the SCM Coordinators and General Secretaries, or those that are actively engaged in SCM work at the national level. Following the recommendation of the last SCM National Coordinators and General Secretaries Meeting in 2007, this year’s meeting will include a five-day training program on various skills necessary in movement work and managing an organization. A special training module will be developed based on the training needs analysis that will be conducted three months before the program. The objectives of the programs are as follows:


  • Know the status and life of the national movements, identify the common trend, challenges, weaknesses and concerns;
  • Strategize for “Movement Building and Strengthening in the next 2 years;
  • Identify the current issues and concerns of the Ecumenical Movement, Youth and Student situation in the national/regional/global context;
  • Coordinate programs and activities between national movements and the region;
  • Establish camaraderie and closer links between the leaders of the SCMs and the Federation;
  • Provide training to the leaders of the SCM on movement building, organizational development and management, advocacy, fund raising, etc.