World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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WSCF AP 18th Regional Committee Meets
at Chinese University in Hong Kong

WSCF AP 18th Regional Committee Meets at Chinese University in Hong Kong
RCM delegates with SCM Hong Hong student and senior friends

July 24-30, 2008
Hong Kong

The 18th Regional Committee of WSCF AP was held from July 24 to 30,2008 at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. The meetings was attended by representatives of 17 affiliated National Movements and 1 Associated Movements.

The RCM elected the new set of officers for WSCF AP for the 2008­2010 biennium. The following were elected to serve the Federation; Chairperson: Ms. Yinyin Maw, senior friend from SCM Myanmar; Vice-chairperson: Mr. Jahartap Yustin Pasaribu, SCM Indonesia, student; Exco Members: Ms. Bronwyn Crowe, SCM Australia, senior friend; Mr. Immanuel Gopala Kitnan, SCM Sri Lanka, student; Proxies for Exco Members: Ms. Leni Valeriano, SCM Philippines, student; Mr. Park Byung Chul, SCM Korea, senior friend; Member-at-Large: Ms. Wanyu Poon, SCM Hong Kong, student; Mr. Bartin Gomez, SCM Bangladesh, senior friend. New Regional Women’s Committee Members for 2008-2010 were also elected, they were Ms. Bronwyn Crowe, SCM Australia;Ms. Wanyu Poon, SCM Hong Kong; Ms. Cha Eun Hye, SCM Korea; Ms. Ashari Rhoda John, SCM Sri Lanka; and Ms. Thin Siden, SCM Cambodia.

Highlights of the RCM were the approval to recommend SCM Timor Leste as affiliate member of WSCF in the WSCF General Assembly. This recommendation was accepted by the WSCF Exco and 34th General Assembly in Montreal, Canada. Another was the acceptance of the amendments proposed by the WSCF Human Rights Committee to the WSCF AP By-laws to institutionalized the Human Rights, Justice and Peace Committee (HRJP), its function and role and composition and the position of a Human Rights, Justice and Peace Coordination on an interim and volunteer basis.

The RCM also approved the invitation put forward by the SCM Indonesia (Gerekan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia) to host the next Regional Committee Meeting in 2010 in Indonesia. We thank SCM Indonesia for this gesture and invitation.

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