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Regional Programme

Pre-RCM Women’s Meeting

“Your Daughters Shall Prophesy”

Pre-RCM Women’s Meeting
Women delegates to the 18th RCM. L-R front row: Sunita
Suna, Rina Royoon, Goklos Nababan, Sayuri Mori, Gang Su
Hye; second row: Poon Wan Yu, Leni Valeriano, He Kyung,
Jazz Dron, Kaythi Min Din

July 24-26, 2008
Hong Kong

The Pre-women’s meeting was held from July 24-26, 2008 at the Chungchi University, Hong Kong on the theme ‘Your Daughters shall Prophesy’. 10 young women from the National SCMs of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia attended the event. The Women’s Pre-Meeting is vital in the history of WSCF AP, to ensure the active participation of women in the Regional Committee Meeting, the decision making bodies of the WSCF AP and the General Assembly the highest decision making body of the whole Federation, and prioritize women leadership and women’s concerns in SCMs.

The Goals were:

Rev. Phyllis Wong, the minister of the Kowloon Union Church, Hong Kong led us to the Bible study on the theme Your Daughters shall Prophesy (Joel 2:28-29) that was a channel for much discussion focused in the area of feminist theology, women’s rights, body politics, what it means to dream, visioning, and being a prophetess in our time.

Sunita Suna the regional women’s coordinator gave a comprehensive history of the women’s leadership in WSCF. The presentation opened some discussion on the partnership model of leadership in the federation and raised concerns of the present women leaders in the local SCMs—how to support and motivate the women leaders in the region.

National Women’s Programmes reports were shared by the participants. The reports were prepared to share on the issues women are facing in their countries and the kind of programmes/activities initiated by the SCMs to address the issues, challenges and the women leadership in the national movements. Though the participants shared from different countries’ perspectives—the women’s issues/concerns were similar. They shared that most of the countries are facing the challenges of –

The National movements had initiated different activities in the local level to educate and bring awareness on the above mentioned women’s issues/concerns. For example, Korean Student Christian Federation sends young women for Women’s Internship e.g. BATIS centre in the Philippines, incorporate feminist theological perspectives in programs. There is a need of gender sensitivity programs in KSCF. SCM Philippines have initiated an education Curriculum on women’s plight and Philippines women’s movement, campaign against militarism, protest (Nicole and Hazel), Justice Campaign (sherlyn and Karem), the students who are abducted and campaign against military abuse to women and children. Hong Kong SCM organized activity on women’s sexuality and discussed on the play the Vagina Monologues. Japan SCM organized gender sensitivity workshop under the “Miriam project”, a project formed to work for the empowerment of women. Myanmar SCM organized leadership programmes for young women in co-operation with women volunteered and other groups on trafficking. And also mobilized women to observe the International women’s day, Myanmar women’s day in a meaningful way. SCM Indonesia is facing challenges to work among the women’s group. The women leaders in Indonesia SCM were not able continue the women’s programmes in 2007-2008. They are re thinking of the present model of the women’s committee in the region. SCM Timor Leste organized women leadership porgrammes through the Women Doing Theology.

The final session was electing a new set of members for the Regional Women’s Committee to work for the next biennium 2009-2010. The role and function of the RWC was read and explained from the by-laws so that participants were informed of the process. There was much deliberation on the nominee’s ability to commit to the RWC for two years. Sub-regional and student/senior friend balance were taken into account. It was then decided to recommend the following nominees for RWC 2009-2010. Cha Eun Hye – KSCF- Korea; Ashari Rhoda John – SCM Sri Lanka; Thin Siden – SCM Cambodia; Bronwyn Crowe – SCM Australia (Ex co); Wanyun Poon – SCM Hong Kong (Standing Committee).