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Regional Women’s Committee Meeting and Standing Committee Meeting 2007

Regional Women’s Committee MeetingFebruary 18-24, 2007
Hong Kong

Six young women from the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) met on 18-20 February to evaluate, strategise, envision and implement the Regional Women’s Programme (RWP) for the next couple of years. After 2 full days of brainstorming, the RWC envisioned that the RWP needs to:

The RWC also recommends that:

Standing Committee Members
Standing Committee Members

The Standing Committee (SC) Meeting was held immediately after the RWC Meeting on 21-24 February. The SC envisioned the direction for WSCF AP in the next few years. It believes that WSCF AP needs to:

There is a heavy line-up of programmes in 2007 to meet the visions that the SC sets for WSCF AP, and it includes:

  1. School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) Programme – 2007 SELF will be a joint programme with CCA. As SELF is a leadership training programme for second-line leaders in the movements, the participants are required to possess understanding on pertinent issues that will be covered in the SELF modules such as ecumenism, globalization, feminism, environment, human rights and Christian theology. SELF will take place in the first week of September in the proposed venue of Sri Lanka.

  2. General Secretary/National Coordinators’ Meeting (GS/NC) – The SC decided and recommended that the next GS/NC Meeting will take place in Bangkok on the first week of 2007 December.

  3. Human Rights Programme – The HRSP in 2007 would be a Human Rights Defenders workshop which is scheduled to take place in July 2007 in the Philippines. It will be held in conjunction with the International Solidarity Mission (ISM) which is scheduled a week before the HR workshop. The ISM is a factfinding mission comprising of several key organisations that work on the HR issue.

  4. Human Rights Internship Programme – This year’s HRIP will focus on the theme MIGRATION to coincide with the overall programme theme of WSCF. This intern will learn about the migration issues from the sending and receiving point of view and aiding the host organisation in its work.

  5. Human Rights Coordinator – As there is only one application for the position of the Human Rights Coordinator, the SC decided to extend the application till the end of March 2007.

  6. Regional Women’s Programme (RWP) – There will be Women Doing Theology on the theme of Sexuality in November 2007, and 2 RWP-SCM Joint Women’s Programme.